Dust Your Partner

This is the nicest way to have a dust-up with your partner. Edible powders, generally referred to as “dust,” can be sensually applied to the skin with a feather duster, or rubbed on the skin to provide what is known as a dry powder massage.

We compare the Shunga products to the Kama Sutra line with good reason, as they both carry very similar lines of high quality of products. Let’s start with the Kama Sutra products. First, though, it is important to understand that neither of these products contain talc, which has been shown to be hazardous when inserted into the vagina. They are corn starch based. At the same time, while safe, these products are not intended for internal vaginal use and should not be used that way.

Some people do use products like this as a body powder, which you can do, but somewhat misses the point of it being edible. You use the included feather applicator to sensuously apply the powder to your partner, and then you can lick it off. That is the fun part.

Kama Sutra Honey Dust was one of the first edible sensual products we tried, and we loved it. It is made from real honey, and is very sophisticated in both taste and packaging. They did create a lot of confusion when they expanded the line with flavors, and renamed the original Honey Dust as Sweet Honeysuckle. A quick look at the ingredients shows flavoring in all except the Sweet Honeysuckle, so despite the name change, that is the original Honey Dust that has been around for years. Calling it honeysuckle is inaccurate and confusing. By the way, we found an opened tin that had been sealed and stored away for years, and it was still pleasant tasting and smelling.

The other flavors are Strawberry Dreams, Chocolate Caress, and Raspberry Kiss. They also have the scent you would expect. It is sweet, which comes from sodium saccharin. With flavorings or not, Honey Dust is a unique product that is well worth trying, with the exception of those who do not like honey. It is hypoallergenic, but those who have the very rare honey allergy should probably avoid it. In the many reviews I have read of it, I saw numerous reports from people who had bad reactions to body powders but none to the Honey Dust.

Shunga’s Sweet Snow Sensual Body Powder is also made from edible ingredients, and also includes a feather applicator. It has aspartame for sweetness. They use corn starch plus an ingredient with the scary name of Aluminum starch octenyl-succinate. This is a modified food starch that has been well tested for cosmetic and edible use. I did some research, including reading the Final Report about it published in the International Journal of Toxicology, and found no reason to be concerned. There were a few sites with warnings about it, but they did not seem to be science based and cited no authority for their claims.

We tried the Raspberry Feeling, but you can also get Blazing Cherry, Exotic Fruits, Sparkling Strawberry Wine, and Honey of the Nymphs. Unfortunately, we were not able to do a head to head on the honey taste, but we did find the raspberry very tasty. Both the scent and taste were very pleasing. Licking it off of the body makes it taste even better.

My personal preference for a sensual massage is massage oil as I feel it provides a superior experience. However, a dry powder massage is still extremely pleasant, and cleanup is a lot easier.

There are other edible body powders on the market. Both Sephora and Victoria’s Secret jumped into the market, but those products have since been discontinued. Shunga and Kama Sutra have been in the game a long time making edible powders. They would be my first choice.