Decorating Yourself for Christmas 2019

While Halloween has become the popular dress in a sexy costume holiday, there are plenty of adult ways to dress up for Christmas as well. Once the children are all tucked in their beds, while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads, mom and dad might want to retire to the bedroom and attire themselves for a little sexy Christmas fun. Lock the door, turn on some Christmas music, and unlike the kids, you won’t be waiting for Santa to come.

The most fun I ever had at a Christmas party was when my wife and I were asked to dress as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. It was at a large dance social for swingers, so things got a little naughtier when people sat on our laps and told us what they wanted for Christmas. It was for this event that I developed the Santa Claus voice that I use for A Visit with Santa Claus, which you can listen to now on the Jeff Booth Show. We repeat this every year as it has long been a show favorite.

The sexy Mrs. Claus outfits are far sexier than those available for Santa Claus himself. Men might want to skip dressing up as the traditional big guy and try one of the sexier options.

Forplay always has good selection of holiday themed lingerie, and their Christmas selection comes in at over 77 items. They also have a lot of items in plus sizes. Scroll over the pictures on their site and you’ll get a back view.

Stretch Velvet and Mesh Hooded Babydoll, Bow Statement Bra Set, Snowgirl, Sheer Halter Hooded ‘Jingle Bell’ Babydoll

Yandy has a Christmas selection of an impressive 755 items that would be appropriate for Christmas. They knock it out of the park with not just a front and back view, but some of the items include other views and a short video where a model describes the outfit and moves around in it. With this many items, it is easy to forget what you have looked at, so they include a handy feature to show you the items you have looked at. The selection is staggering, with items such as a candy cane hooded catsuit, Bow Statement Bra Set with matching handcuffs, and a twinkle lights bikini.

Sexy Miss Claus Robe, Santa’s Shelf Helper, Santa Envy Dress, Jingle All the Way Bra Set, Holiday Hottie

Rene Rofe has a one piece Unwrap Me Red Satin Bow Teddy that is easy to put on, and more importantly, very easy to take off. It also comes in black, pink and white.

Unwrap Me Teddy

Pipedreams has a very minimalist outfit that will be tough for some to get into, and fun for those with a kinkier edge to get into. Its a  Jingle Bells Christmas Nipple Clamp and panty.

Jingle Bells Nipple Clamp

If you want to do a really deep dive, just got to Amazon and search for “Christmas lingerie”. I got over 20,000 results.

Finally, as has become our annual Christmas tradition, we present the absolute minimum in Christmas costumes- one that is just painted on. You can’t buy this, but you can enjoy watching it. It was created by Jen The Body Painter and was painted onto the body of the very enthusiastic Lili Jasmin. She wanders around New York in an outfit that could not have provided much protection from the cold. You can enjoy this art in motion on Jen’s YouTube page.

Lili Jasmin roams essentially naked in New York City
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