Manufacturer: Screaming O Material: SEBS sleeve, ABS plastic bullet Size: length 2.4″ width 1″ not insertable Hardness: 23 Loudness: 29 dB Weight: 2.3 oz. Batteries: 3 AG-13 (comes with extra set) Colors: Black, Blue, Clear

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Cock rings have been growing in popularity, and the good news is that they do what they claim- increase your hardness and extend the amount of time you can have an erection. The way they work is simple and easy to understand. There are some things you really should know, so to get the basics about cock rings, check out our Disposable Vibrating Cock Rings Roundup.

That article looks at cheap cock vibrating cock ring that you throw away after use. They are a great way to try vibrating cock rings, but clearly an investment in something a little more permanent might be a good idea if cock rings are indeed something you like. Screaming O makes a lot of different cock rings, varying in price between $20 to $30. They also have a line of rechargables that are a bit more.

What the Dangle offers that sets it apart is their “ball sling.” It is a larger stretchy ring that goes around the testicles. For some of you, the mere thought of putting something around your testicles will send them into full retreat. However, when we talk about cock rings, there is some debate as to what the proper way to wear a cock ring is- over the shaft or around the base of the testicles. The proper answer is that it is quite personal. Both work, but some prefer one way over the other and feel that one way works better for them than the other in terms of maintaining an erection. The Dangle gives you both options at the same time.

Having the two rings does make this a little more confusing to use. With the bullet pointing down (button on top) and the rings toward you, first place your penis down into the large ring stretching it very wide and bringing it back all the way behind the testicles. As with any cock ring but especially with this one, being neatly groomed is going to make removing it and putting it on easier (or at least a little less painful from pulling on hairs). Then put your penis into the smaller ring from the bottom of the ring all the way to the back of shaft of the penis.

Even at the highest of the three intensity setting, this does not provide a lot of vibration of the penis. The vibration is mostly on the testicles, and that has to be a sensation that you like. I prefer wearing a cock ring on the shaft because they do not tend to stay on my testicles as well. This was also a problem I had with this, so this toy is definitely better for those who prefer wearing a cock ring around the base of the testicles.

As to the female partner during intercourse, if you have sex more in a rocking fashion rather than a thrusting fashion, it will press the vibrator against her sensitive parts and provide a pleasant sensation. You will need to experiment with positions. The vibrator hangs at the man’s testicles, so clearly the standard missionary position is not going to bring this vibrator anywhere near her clitoris.

The vibration is provided by one of their standard bullet vibrators (see our article Back to Basics: Bullets and Magnums to learn more). It has three levels of intensity and one level of pulsation. You cycle through the four settings by repeatedly pressing the button on top of the bullet. The bullet is fully waterproof so it can be used in the shower or even underwater.

The bottom line is that whether you like this cock ring depends on several variables. You should have tried wearing a cock ring around your testicles and determined that that works for you, and you need to like a vibration sensation on your testicles. There is the added variable of your partner, and this really is something you need to try together to see how it works for her.