Calendar Girls (and Boys)

Above: Warwick Rowers calendar

Nude calendars have been around since the early 1900s. The first documented nude calendar was printed in 1913. You can learn the fascinating story behind the painting used on that calendar by visiting the Journalism Department at CenterSEE’s Erotic University (requires a free sign-up). Go to the office and click on the calendar on the wall.

Throughout the 1900s, most sexy calendars were of the pin-up type. They were often tied in with advertising. The most famous were the calendars from the Pirelli tire company. Beginning in 1964, they were valued giveaways to important Pirelli customers. Discontinued ten years later, they would return again after another ten years. The 2016 calendar was shot by Annie Liebowitz and featured important women, but they are mostly fully clothed. As with Playboy, they decided that nudity was so passé. It was much sexier than anticipated, but in a very non-traditional way. The 2017 calendar, shot by Peter Lindbergh, features even more famous  women, but looks to be even tamer. He keeps them fully clothed but says that he strips them emotionally with minimum makeup and no photoshopping. If you would like to relive the years past, you might want to check out the book,  Pirelli – The Calendar: 50 Years and More by Phillipe Daverio.

Commercial nude calendars continue to be popular, and they are available from many sources. These include Bud Plant’s Art Books,where you can find a number of selections. Vintage Burlesque 2017 features cabaret costumes, scantily clad chorus girls and burlesque dancers. Lingerie by Johnny Crosslin 2017 features no nudity, but that is sort of the point of a lingerie calendar. The Mystique X-posed calendars have been coming out every year for more than a decade, featuring the women of Mystique magazine fully  nude. If naked is what you are looking for, there is also Totally Nude Hot Girls 2017, Hot Naked Babes 2017, and the artistically black and white Naked 2017. XXPlicit Babes Nude and Naughty is decidedly NSFW, unless you work at home. They also have classic pin-up calendars as well as the art of Olivia.

Mega Calendars has 14 nude calendars and four lingerie calendars. The sample pics are censored.

You would expect  to have a good selection, and they do offer 37 to choose from. Upon closer inspection though, most are very tame with little in the way of nudity. They also censor the sample pics.

Mystique has the largest selection we have found, with 88 items. They offer more nudes than anyone, and their picture preview shows you the back of the calendar uncensored, which typically shows all of the pictures in the calendar which you can view in a magnify mode.

The Japanese have their own take on erotic calendars, which are on view on the JList site, where they specialize in Japanese erotica.

2016asiancalendarJapanese calendar girl Shunka Ayami from JList

One of the most controversial calendars this year is Sancta Paraphilia, billed as a homoerotic orthodox wall calendar. The  mixture of religious and homoerotic imagery is intended to make a statement. They have been doing these since 2013, and this year there is a regular and an x-rated version.

One of the strangest is The Erotic Carp Calendar. It features sexy unclad women with carp.

If gay erotic art is your cup of tea, you might want to check out the calendar featuring the art of Michael Breyette. Of course, there is also this year’s Tom of Finland calendar- Sportsmen 2017.

I have long been a fan of the erotic art of Janesko. She has been doing sexy calendars for 20 years.

Charitably Nude

The use of the nude calendar to raise money for charity exploded after the success of the nude charity calendar in 2000 by the Rylstone Women’s Institute in England. The story of the making of the calendar was made into a successful feature film, Calendar Girls, in 2003.

Since 2009, one of the hottest charity calendars has featured the Warwick Rowers. Featuring members of the Warwick University rowing club in England, it raises money for a number of charities, including one that fights homophobia in sports. The calendar has continued to be an international sensation, featuring young male rowers in prime condition. There is also lots of other interesting content on their site for the appreciators of nude athletic men. The 2017 edition looks to be another hit.

England continues to be the main source of charity nude calendars. Cambridge students offer the Cambridge Blues Calendar 2017. The students, both men and women are raising money on behalf of the Cambridge Raising and Giving (RAG) society. This year the proceeds got to the Lewy Body Society and Help Refugees.

The All-Nude Cabaret Charity Calendar 2017 raises money to fight cancer. The charity calendar began in 2014.

The Hitchin Rugby Football Club Calendar 2017 raises money for the team. The women are very dedicated to their sport.