Bad Dragon Begins Your Quest for Fantasy Sex Toys

Bad Dragon is one of the most unique adult toy manufacturers I have encountered in my nearly 20 years of writing about adult products. They have created a fusion of art and function more so than I have seen with any other adult toy company. In fact, it is not unusual for customers to put their toys out on display, as many will not guess what the actual intended use of the art piece is.

The theme of their product lines revolve around fantasy, primarily dragons but with a few chimeras and tentacles thrown in. They offer custom hand made sex toys and dildos, and while not cheap, they are actually remarkably affordable for products of this quality. They are all made with platinum-cured silicone, also known as addition-cure silicone. It is very long lasting, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and is body safe. It is one of the best materials to make sex toys out of, able to handle wide variables in temperature, and is non-porous so cleaning is easy.

Ika Tentacles

The concept for their product line was created by Jan “Varka” Mulders in his Scottish dorm room in 2008. He originally designed the toys out of his own interest, but so many people wanted a copy that he realized they might have commercial potential. As it turns out, they did.

His very first product was the Drippy Dragon. One of their initial hooks was the ability of many of their products to squirt, and they wanted a cum like lube for this purpose. They decided to develop their own water based lube, and it proved quite popular in our testing. You can read all about it in our Bad Dragon Cum Lube review. They still use their original formula, changing it only once to remove parabens.

Starting with three other co-founders, the company has expanded and is now based in Arizona. I have had a chance to talk to many of their employees at various adult trade shows and have found them both pleasant and enthusiastic, something difficult to maintain over the many days of a show. They all seemed to really enjoy working for the company, which is a good sign to me.

Janine Male Masturbator

Part of the reason that their employees seem so loyal may be their emphasis on creativity, and an open door policy that allows anyone there to suggest ideas. They never rest on their laurels, and while constantly developing new products, even popular products continue to be improved based on customer feedback.

They look at books, movies, and other media to inspire ideas for new products. While the creativity is fun, it can also be challenging, since there really are not other similar products from which they might “borrow” ideas. Once they have a prototype, they have a valiant team of in-house testers to make sure the toy does what it is intended to. Okay, maybe not in-house- they probably take them home to try them.

I spoke with Administrative Manager Derek Young, who has been working there for six years. He was hired through a friend, and it was a whole new world to him. He still does not feel jaded and is excited by the new products the company continues to develop.

They really do care about about customer feedback, and Derek mentioned that they really want to hear from customers about how Bad Dragon uses social media. Check out their social media options on the bottom of the page of their main web site.

Magnus’s Sheath Wearable

Their site is top notch, by the way, with rotatable 3D views of their products, which also allows you to change the color on the product from their available colors or even a custom color. Another thing I like a lot is that you can order a sample set of discs of their different materials so you can feel what they are like before you buy. Another stroke of genius is their Real-Size Comparison Tool, which gives you exact measurements of every aspect of each product, as well as the ability to visually compare each one with other products (even several at a time). Every toy manufacturer should do this. You can spend quite a bit of time exploring all of the options on the site.

They offer unique textures, but as Derek explained to me, while some textures might look great, they can’t get too wild as these are supposed to also feel good. They also offer a nice selection of girths (typically Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.) While we have not had their products in to test, I have had them in my hands at shows and was very impressed by them.

Besides dildos, they also have male masturbators, wearables (you can slip your penis into them and penetrate someone), packers (to slip into your shorts for an enhanced silhouette) and currently they have five vibrators.

Because the products can be custom made, they offer an incredible ability to customize them. Some offer a palette of more than thirty color options, and not just solid colors but marbled effects, sparkly effects, and even glow in the dark. You can even specify a firm base and hard shaft or vice versa.

For customers with a desire to be more involved with the design, they have Bad Dragon Labs. This is a place where customers can submit their ideas for a sex toy. Users and company employees then vote on the ideas they like best, and those that get the most votes move on to the production stage. Not only do you get a copy of the toy you designed, they’ll give you $400 in store credit or $200 in cash. The Lab site has all the info you need to design a toy. You can also browse the latest winners and recently submitted designs.

If you are a fan of fantasy, especially of dragons, this unique toy maker offers a wide variety of creative stimulators that will become long time companions. I admire their constant quest of creativity, and their adherence to quality. They are a company you should definitely check out.