Back to Basics: Bullets and Magnums

Bullet vibes are the engine for a lot of different sex toys. They are molded into a wide variety of dildos and other sex toys, and were first introduced in the 1970’s.  They can also be a lot of fun just by themselves.

The most common type is  the shiny silver bullet vibrator with a 1” width and a 2 ½” length. It is attached by a wire to a controller with a slider that lets you adjust the intensity of the vibration. Some versions use a dial to adjust the intensity. It uses two double A batteries. There is not a lot of difference between the different basic types, although you can find slightly more expensive versions that are waterproof or have fancier controllers with patterns of vibration, or come in cooler colors.

These are often sold generically with no fancy packaging, and can be found as bulk items on Amazon for as little as $5 from a number of sources. Just search for “bulk bullet vibrator.” This is also good to keep in mind if you have a toy that incorporates a bullet vibe that dies on you. Replacing it is cheap and easy, assuming the bullet is removable.

Bullets offer quite a bit of vibration for something so small.  They are a fun toy just to have in your hand to vibrate small areas, whether it be for clitoral stimulation on her, the perineum or base of the penis on him, or right against (but not in) the anus. These are not an insertable toy. Just because you can pull on the wire to pull them out does not mean that the wire will stay attached.

I like bullets as they are small enough to not get in the way and just add a little extra stimulation. You can put the bullet in the palm of your hand and grip his cock in your fist, which can provide some very pleasant additional stimulation while you jack him off, or in addition to oral sex. Or you might prefer to slide the tip of the bullet all over her vagina, or focus on the clitoris.

A similar type of small vibrator is called a magnum. They are 4″ long and the same width as a bullet. They also connect via a wire to a controller and battery pack. You can insert a magnum in a little ways vaginally as long as you can keep control of it.

My personal preference is for the combo vibes, which are made by a number of manufacturers. One that I have tried and liked is made by California Exotic Novelties and is called Inter-Actives Super Bullet and Magnum Combo. You can find it on Amazon for between $10 and $15. There are also versions with two bullets.

The bullet magnum combo consists of two (and sometimes more) toys connected to a single controller. We like Inter-Actives combination of a bullet vibe and a magnum vibe. It has been fairly durable and is very reasonably priced. It uses three AAA batteries, which provides enough oomph for both toys.

Each vibrator has its own slider, allowing you to vary the speed of each. You can have one fast, one slow, or any combination. Our volunteer testers did seem to enjoy pulsing the speed by moving the magnum slider up and down while it was inserted vaginally, while the bullet kept a steady gentle vibration on the clit. The fun part is that you can experiment with different combinations to see what they like best.

There are also fun ways this can be used on guys. It does feel quite nice with the magnum against the penis and the bullet vibrating other sensitive spots. Remember that if a vibrator or dildo does not have a flared end (and neither of these does), it should not be inserted anally. It does feel quite good right up against the anus though, as well as against the perenium. With two vibes and one controller, it also encourages you to work together, since you don’t have three hands.

Another variation is the vibrating egg.  They used to make egg vibrators that actually were egg shaped and just a little wider than a bullet, but now the term generally seems to refer to bullets that are just a bit shorter than a standard bullet.

They also make mini bullets, which are just a little shorter than a bullet and quite a but thinner. Some are wired using standard batteries, but others have tiny cell batteries inside of them and no wires.

The bullet or a bullet/magnum combo are low cost toys in a world of really terrific $100 plus toys. Sometimes it is just nice to get back to basics.