AEE Roundup – Video 2

Here is even more from the Adult Entertainment Expo. There is just so much going on there it takes us awhile to get through it all. Most of our coverage was last month, but some of it spills over into this month.

Our title picture above features Nikki Delano working with Hot Movies, a pay per minute adult movie streaming site. You can follow her on Instagram and  Twitter. There are 152 credits on IAFD (Internet Adult Film Database- clicking on the link will take you to listings of many of the films she has been in, but her bio states that it is a lot more) in a career spanning six years. She has a bachelor’s degree in forensic psychology.

Here is more about her from her official bio:

Exotic bombshell Nikki Delano is a fireball of Puerto Rican, Colombian, and Italian descent. She’s a world-famous porn star who’s performed in over 500 XXX movies for all major studios, as well as Cinemax, HBO, and cable TV pay per view. Nikki is popular on Latin mainstream TV, has made multiple appearances on Telemundo, Univision and Estrella, and her South American fans saw the documentary about her life, In My Skin, on Brazil’s Global TV. Europeans went wild for her when she was featured on the popular Belgian reality show Jani Gaat in 2017.

The luscious Latina is an international cover model and has appeared in mainstream publications, including Lowrider Magazine, Cosmo Latina, and Playboy’s Top 50 Porn Stars on Instagram. Nikki has received dozens of awards and accolades from AVN, XBIZ, Exotic Dancer, and NightMoves. She most recently won the 2017 LAL Award for Best Latin American Pornstar, was inducted into the NightMoves Hall of Fame, and was featured in a six-page spread in Maxim.

Nikki’s a radio host of the #1 adult show in the world on Vivid Sirius XM 415, as well as a contract star for, has her own video game on 3dxchat, and has feature danced in all the top gentlemen’s clubs across the country. Her fans around the world love her and have helped her to become one of the top social media icons with millions of followers.


Local L.A. girl (Thousand Oaks, actually) Abbey Rain began her career in 2014. Since then she has appeared in some 30 adult films according to her IAFD  entry.  She is a bit of an anomaly since she is unmodified- real large breasts, no tattoos, no piercings. That does help her better fit in at the Renaissance fairs she enjoys (she is a bit of a history buff and also a cosplayer).  You can follow her on Twitter.  We caught up with her at the 360 Models booth.

Abbey Rain


Alex More has some 27 titles listed at IAFD. You can follow her on her very active and interesting Twitter feed. She is also on Only Fans and SextPanther. She describes herself as a pansexual whore who loves cum. I don’t know how many of those come from her home State of New Mexico. She was at the Adult Talent Managers L.A. booth.

Alex More


Andi Rye is relatively new to adult, but in her short time she has racked up 21 credits on IAFD.  You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram and visit her website. She is an L.A. native, a BDSM lifestyler, and started out as a fine-art and fashion model.

Andi Rye


Take note of the photo below, and I think you’ll agree that a lot of people would want to do what Texas girl Angelina Diamonti’s breasts are asking them to do. She is very new so I don’t know much about her, but you can follow her on Twitter.


Angela Diamonti


Dani Jensen has officially hit ten years in the business, which I guess qualifies her for MILF status. She has been quite busy all that time, with IADF listing 237 credits. You can follow her on Twitter. She is just 5′ 1″ soaking wet, which s not the right way to say it but I do like thinking of her soaking wet. I am just noticing how many redheads we’ve covered so far.  I did not notice at the time just how many redheads there were. Dani will be dancing at the primo gentleman’s club Sapphire in Las Vegas on April 14th. She was in the LA Direct Models booth.

Dani Jensen


Florida native Dillion Harper is also an experienced hand with six years in.  You can follow her on Twitter and check out her website. She has been even busier than Dani, as in little more than half the time she has racked up 315 credits on IAFD.  She towered over Dani at 5’4″.  She was also in the LA Direct Models booth, and she just did not want to do an interview. Looking at the picture, I get it now. (That is a joke- she is very nice and I am not that dense.) Your penis (if you have one) can get up close and personal with her vagina, as she is now a Fleshlight girl.

Dillion Harper


Another LA Direct Models client is April Snow. Oh, and she is another redhead. She has only been in the biz for around a year, with some 14 titles to her credit listed on IAFD. You can follow her on Twitter.

April Snow


Christy Love is an exotic mix of American, Korean, and Norwegian.  This adds up to gorgeous and sexy. She was in the Ideal Image booth. She has been in the industry for a bit over two years, with 11 entries on IADF. She is also on My Free Cams. You can follow her on Twitter, and she has a website.  On her site you can find her video segments, 60 inches to Motivation, which are motivational and inspiring videos from a woman with a very good heart.  She is up to #127. Check them out.  She also has Christy’s School of Greatness, where she is a life coach. Wow, I wish I could have ignored those no interviews signs and spent more time talking to her.  I think I love Christy.

Christy Love


Maya Kendrick has 47 entries in IAFD across her 2 year career. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She was there with Nexxxt Level Talent Agency.

Maya Kendrick


Lexi Luna has been in the business around three years, with some 28 credits on IAFD. You can follow her on Twitter.  She was there with East Coast Talents.

Lexi Luna


Summer Day was there with Motley Models. I walked by her booth a couple of times and when she smiled she just lit up. It was a radiant smile that I think you have to see live to fully appreciate. There is just something about Summer.  She has been in the business over 2 years, and IAFD lists an impressive 119 credits for such a short time. You can follow this Seattle native on Twitter.

Summer Day


And finally, I really do look for opportunities to shoot guys, but I am looking for something sexy. The girls are there in their cute little outfits, but just not so much with the guys. There were the shirtless guys at the Hustler Male Review booth and guys in sexy BDSM gear in the Lair, but I just did not find much else to shoot. A guy in street clothes does not cut it for me. I did get this shot of Joe “the Monster” Johnson. I am not even sure that is his real name- it was just the name on his badge. I don’t know anything about him, and an Internet search turned up nothing. I did not get more from him or even the girl’s name because they both had their mouths full. I really did try to get pictures of guys, though.

Joe “the Monster” Johnson