AEE Roundup – Sex Toys Part 2

There were so many toys to see at the Adult Entertainment Expo! This time we take a look at a few more. Check out more of our coverage at AEE Roundup Intro.

The official toy vendor of the AEE was Adam and Eve. They also had in their booth one of the biggest dicks at the show. He often had quite the crowd gathered around him.  I do suggest you visit Adam and Eve and get on their mailing list. They frequently send out deals for new customers- really good deals. For example, the one if just got included 45% off of one item, plus Feather Nipple Clamps, Pink Passion Whip, Pearl Vibrating Cck Ring, 4 Hour A&E Superstars DVD, A&E Turn it Up Warming Lube, Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer, A&E Easy Anal Gel, and Wicked Candy Apple Lube. These deals are constantly changing, so it is is worth it to get on their list, especially if you are new to adult toys.

The Big Dick in the Adam and Eve booth

We reviewed the Tenga Flip Zero recently. At the show they had their Tenga 3D male masturbators. They were basically masturbation sleeves with interesting textures.  In the photo below, they have them displayed inside out s0 that you can see the textures.


Another male masturbator at the show (besides virtually every man there, I mean) was one based on Jessica Jaymes. She is pictured below with the designed after her own vagina sex toy, but they have some serious rules at the show that did not allow for us to do a comparison of the toy and the real thing, despite her being just two feet away. We do follow the rules.  If you are unfamiliar with former Penthouse Pet and Hustler Honey Jessica, you can learn more at Jessica Jaymes XXX, where you can get to know her better with your eyes. She has been in the business since 2002, and has appeared on the Showtime television series Weeds, and HBO’s Vivid Valley.  Porn Star Stroker features a line of well-known adult stars. You can follow the latest from the company on Twitter.

Jessica Jaymes (left) and her vagina (center)

Lovehoney is a well-known British company that has very good distribution in the U.S. They are known for their unique licensed deals, including with the television series Broad City, the bands Motorhead and Motley Crue, and the very Japanese brand Tokidoki designed by Italian artist Simone Legno.  They also have a new masturbator out called BlowYo. It is not a full sleeve but much shorter. It is made of a very stretchy material and they claim it simulates the sensation of oral sex. Because it is short and open and one end, you can use this to pleasure the penis while that same penis is also enjoying actual oral sex. That seems like a pretty good thing to me. They come in four different styles.

The Lovehoney BlowYo

Typically, male masturbators are promoted using female porn stars. That was not the case with the Satisfyer Men. Women lined up to meet Rocco Siffredi, the male star and spokesperson for the Satisfyer Men. He has recorded 1800 films, and slept with over 5000 women, so they figured he would know a thing or too about what feels good. The Satisfyer Men has an air release feature I am not sure I understand. It is made out of Cyberskin, and is reasonably priced.

Satisfyer Men

XR also has a new masturbator, and it looks like the vagina of famed porn star Jesse Jane (completely different from Jessica Jaymes from above). While I do not need my masturbator to have a famous vagina on one end, it is something a lot of guys are looking for. One of the good things about this is that it forces people to realize that vaginas have almost limitless arrangements, with each one unique. I consider that a major feature of vaginas.  Jesse’s actual vagina has been officially retired from the adult industry since 2007, and she had a terrific career starting in 2002. You can check out her Jesse Jane web site, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She was probably most famous for her groundbreaking appearance in the Adam and Eve movie Pirates. There are three versions of the basic stroker- the double ended Pussy and Ass Double Stroker, the Ass to Mouth Double Stroker, and the Three Way collection with one of each orifice. And guys, remember, you can use these strokers to go from anal to vaginal stimulation, but don’t do it in real life. Anuses have bacteria that should never wind up inside a vagina.

Jesse Jane Stroker from XR

There were a lot of new products from XR. I thought my penis was long until I saw Hosed, their 19 inch long dildos, which are a little bit longer. Okay, maybe a whole lot longer.  They come in Ribbed Anal Snake (the one I am holding), Swirl Anal Snake,  and Realistic Anal Dildo (and at 19 inches and solid black, I think the word realistic may be stretching things a bit).  These things are monsters ad will certainly get your partner to sit up and take notice.

XRs Hosed

If 19 inches exceeds your needs, XR also has a new line of dildos called USA Cocks. They come in 7, 8, 9 and 10 inches, which is still on the large size as the average man comes in at just a little more than 5 inches (although this is a notoriously difficult thing to get accurate data about).  They are made of something they call Ameriskin (because they are made in the U.S.A.) which has a feature that I have long felt makes a huge difference in the realistic feel of a dildo- a dual layer with a firmer core. Erect penises are sort of both hard and soft- soft on the outside and harder on the inside, so this approach makes it feel much more like you are wrapping your hand around an erect penis. I have not done any tests to determine if vaginas or anuses can tell the difference, but I guess I need to add that to my list of future testing.