Improvised Attire- Liquid Latex

You can check out our Events Calendar to find some place to go, but what if you have nothing to wear? Sadly, with the exception of nudist events, that is usually not acceptable. Sure, you could go out and buy a costume of some sort, or you could make one yourself. And it would be very sexy. And surprisingly easy.

In most places, you are street legal as long as the genitals and nipples are covered. You typically don’t need a whole lot more than that. Some areas do have specific rules about the buttocks. That is where liquid latex comes in. You paint it on the naughty parts, and there you go. Instant outfit. Okay, not so instant. It does take the liquid latex a little time to dry.

We’ve used liquid latex products for years, and we love them. Kris has incorporated them into many costumes, and it is something very sexy you can wear covering your breasts to make them legal for semi-public adults-only occasions (although in some places the latex has to completely cover the bottom of the breasts to be legal). Adult Event organizers usually provide very specific information on what you can and can not wear.

Liquid latex can be painted directly on the skin, or on fabric to create a wide variety of costumes and special effects. It is fun to wear, fun to peel off (except when it is on skin with hair), and looks very hot.



There are several companies that make liquid latex products, and there are many vendors on that sell it. We like the liquid latex from Liquid Latex Fashions. It is available at a decent price, and it does not have the ammonia in it that other brands do.

They make a very high quality product and offer lots of variety. It comes in black, blue, burgundy, chocolate, clear, flesh, pink, red, flesh, green, orange, purple, red, tan, teal, white, and yellow. If that is not enough, you can even buy tints to color it yourself. You can also get fluorescent colors that glow under black light in blue, green, orange, pink, red, violet, white and yellow. There are metallics in blue, copper, gold, green, pearl, purple, and silver. They also have kits with everything you need, with some themed for Halloween or Mardis Gras, or in MLB or NFL designs.
You paint the latex on using foam brushes or rollers. It takes about two to three applications. To cover an entire body would take about 32 ounces of latex.  The latex dries a little sticky, so to keep it from sticking to itself you need to do one final step. You simply spray on a silicone based polish, such as their Body Paint Finishing Spray to create a shiny surface. You can add an extra level of color with their Magic Stardust powders, that add a metallic shimmer. These come in gold, copper and silver metallic and blue, green, red, and violet pearlescent sheens. A little goes a long ways, and by combining the powders with the different colors, you can get a wide variety of effects. You can even combine different colored powders.

Those of you with a makeup background know that it is not a good idea to completely cover the skin with some types of makeup as it can clog the pores and keep the skin from properly breathing. Mythbusters even did a segment on this issue. Fortunately, this liquid latex has no adhesives in it so it does not block the pores and create those types of problems. You can cover the entire body if you want to, and wear it for as long as you’d like. Once dried, it separates slightly from the skin, so that there is a slight moisture and air layer, which keeps it from getting too hot or uncomfortable to wear. The latex is easily peeled off, but it is not reusable, unless you paint it onto fabric like Spandex, Lycra or Denim (t-shirts are just too porous and stretchy).

Useful but not mandatory are the Body Prep, which is an Aloe Vera based lotion that will make removing the liquid latex easier later on. There is also a Body Wash that helps in the removal of the liquid latex. These extra steps are especially warranted if you are on the hairy side. You can also use a good moisturizer on your skin before applying the latex. Better still is shaving the areas you want to cover. To get it out of your hair, use lots of soap in the shower and gently tease it off. If you are applying it over a very hairy area that you do not want to shave, such as the eyebrows, you can give them a coating of vegetable oil.

This is a product we like very much, and we strongly recommend it.