Couples and Strip Clubs

It is becoming more and more common to see couples in gentlemen’s clubs. Some clubs even sponsor special couple’s nights. A number of them will let the woman in free. A local Déjà Vu even had a swinger’s night, and another had special promotions for couples where you got in at a special price and they even gave away some free promotional items.

From the male point of view, having a female with you can have a lot of pluses, especially if she does not mind a little female attention. When you sit at the rail as a couple, you will get a little extra attention from the dancers. Even if you sit at a table, plenty of dancers come over and talk with you. There is a good chance that you’ll get more attention as a couple than you will as a single, and it is certainly a lot more fun than going on your own.

One of the first questions many women ask is how should they dress. It is okay for women to dress very sexily to go to a club, although the outfit should be street legal. It is always better to be dressed a little better than too casually. Some clubs don’t allow jeans, tank tops, or other casual wear, so you might want to check out their dress code first.

The rules at a club are basically the same for women as they are for men. Of course, it is against the rules to get up and start dancing yourself, even on the floor.

How the experience plays out for you and your partner depends a lot on her. If the woman is strictly heterosexual, will she enjoy watching her guy being turned on by a lap dance? Will she enjoy being around all of that male sexual energy? For many women, these can be big turn-ons, and perhaps the only way to find out is to try it. There are also strip clubs that welcome same sex couples, typically those that cater to a gay or lesbian clientele.

Of course, if she is bisexual or just has an interest in exploring it a little, then the experience can be even more fun. It can be a much safer environment for exploring fantasy than hiring a hooker or running personal ads.

For a bisexual woman, there are some real advantages. According to one bisexual woman I know who enjoys going to clubs, many of the clubs have only one bathroom for both the women and the dancers. She found it a great opportunity to go in and flirt a little, as many of the dancers were in there primping.

Many dancers also feel a lot safer with couples, and a lot of them are also bisexual. Not all clubs allow you to get dances together, but when they do, your best bet is to let the dancer dance for the lady while the guy watches. The dancers tend to push the boundaries a lot more with another women than they will with a guy, and you can get one hell of a show. Almost every woman I have talked to who got a private dance when she went to a club with her partner got a much better dance than he did. Sometimes it’s really good to be the girl.

So, if you are a lady and you want a dance from one of the dancers, how do you find out if they dance for other girls? It is usually not very difficult to tell. The ones that are interested usually come right on over and start talking to you, and they will make eye contact with you a flirt with you a little. If they get no response from you, they’ll quickly switch their attentions over to your partner. A lot of dancers really enjoy dancing for other women, and women tend to be better tippers as well. Most will be flattered if you ask them to dance, and if they are not interested, they will just say that they don’t dance with women. You’ll know, though, by the way they react to you and how much interest they show. Trust us, you’ll have no trouble finding dancers who are interested.

It can also be a lot of fun going to gentlemen’s clubs with other couples. There’s safety in numbers, and the women may feel more comfortable with other women there they know.

Not every woman is going to enjoy the strip club experience, obviously, but for many, it can be a very exciting adventure they share with their partner. Chances are, it will lead to a pretty hot night of sex together afterwards, which is absolutely the best way to finish off a night out with strippers.