Arabesque Cock Circlet

We wrote about cheap disposable cock rings in our Disposable Vibrating Cock Ring Roundup, which includes some basic information on what cock rings are all about. Assuming that you have tried cock rings and like them, and don’t care about them vibrating, you might look at a more significant investment in a cock ring as jewelry.

Arabesque Body Creations makes non-piercing body jewelry for men and women. In general, finding good quality non-piercing body jewelry for men is more difficult, and there are many fewer options. Arabesque is one of the few places that has a nice selection of male genital jewelry. Some of the options are quite elaborate, like the Chain Cock Cage. They have a Cock Lariet that attaches just behind the head of the penis. There is a Hobble, which actually makes it more difficult to maintain an erection (its a BDSM thing).

We tested the Beaded Braided Cock Circlet. It is a sterling silver double circle that you can wear as jewelry and use as a functional cock ring. They are essentially an open ended spiral that starts at just under 1 inch and can open up to 3 ½ inches. There are several styles to choose from.

Ours had a single round bead of Amethyst woven into it. There are also options that include multiple beads, and you can choose between Smokey Quartz, Hematite, and Amethyst.

I have tried a number of cock rings, but they have all been made from much softer materials. My first concern was whether metal would be uncomfortable, especially when it is braided and not a smooth surface.

Putting it on when flaccid was no problem. I just slid it up to the base. It stayed on fairly well, so it can work quite well as just jewelry, although I suspect I have more places I could go and wear it as jewelry openly than most people. This would be quite acceptable at a swing party, but probably not at a nudist club. We were denied entrance to a nudist club when Kris had a clitoral piercing, and many clubs have strict policies against anything that might draw attention to your private parts. While these are very attractive, most people just won’t have a lot of places to show them off, sadly. Hopefully, you have an appreciative partner.

Now, on to the actual erection part. It pretty much felt like a cock ring. It was not uncomfortably tight, and it did not pinch. It did the job. There is one caveat, and it can be true with cock rings in general but perhaps more so with this. If you do not shave and have a lot of stray hairs, putting this on and taking it off may catch a hair or two which can be unpleasant. To prevent that, and for the sake of your partner who will very much appreciate you being well groomed, do a little manscaping.

The cock ring did its thing, and when it was time to remove it, I also had a moment of concern. The two ends of the spiral are rounded, so you can use a finger against each to press, which opens the circle. This was easy, and the ring slid right off without any problems.

Personally, given a choice between a cock ring that looks a bit goofy (and a lot of them do), or one that looks like a nice piece of jewelry, I thing I’d rather wear one a little more upscale. These are not cheap- they are actual jewelry. If you are going to put a ring on it, it might as well be a nice one.