Open Relationships Quiz

This is based on Tristan Taormino’s book Opening Up, reviewed today. The image depicts open relationships as an exhibitionist sexual free for all. In reality, that is seldom the case. See how much you actually known about open relationships in the quiz below.

Question #1: Compersion refers to:

Question #2: The first national organization for swingers, founded in the 1970s, was:

Question #3: “Polyamory” refers to those who:

Question #4: A Primary Partner is

Question #5: Which of these is a not a definition of NRE:

Question #6: Swinging and Polyamory differ in that:

Question #7: The incidence of STDs in open relationships are:

Question #8: The keys to an open relationship does not include:

Question #9: Examples of sexually discordant couples does not include:

Question #10: Polyfidelity differs from polyamory in that: