Sportsheets 5 Piece Hog Tie & Cuff Set

One of the classic bondage restraint positions is the hog tie. The Sportsheets 5 Piece Hog Tie set includes four Sportsheets adjustable cuffs and one steel O-ring base with 4 attachment points. There have been similar products on the market, usually made of leather and quite a bit more expensive. This is a simple, comfortable, and relatively inexpensive option for securing someone in the classic hog tie position.

Of course, you can always use ropes for a hog tie, but they can be difficult to undo when the person wants out, they can cut off circulation, and they can put them in a very uncomfortable position if the hands and legs are pulled too closely together. This set is designed for a much safer and more comfortable experience for the person restrained.

The Sportsheets cuffs use velcro to secure them, so they are quick and easy to remove, and they don’t bind, which is particularly important in a position like this where there is constant pressure on the cuffs. Harder cuffs, especially metal ones, would be very uncomfortable after a short while. Each cuff clips onto the O-ring attachments so they can be undone quickly without having to remove the cuffs.

Jay Wiseman devotes an entire chapter to hogties in his classic Erotic Bondage Handbook. He points out that the hogtie can be one of the most immobilizing forms of bondage, and some caution should be exercised. One of the problems is when the ankles are secured too closely to the wrists. It can be excessively immobilizing. The Sportsheets kit reduces that concern by setting a specific and consistent distance between the wrists and ankles.

Most people think of the hogtie with the person lying face down. This cuts off a lot of sexual access, especially if the ankles are pulled forward too much. Another concern is that it puts all of the person’s weight on their stomach, which over time can make it difficult for them to breath. This is especially a concern with heavier and older people. It is probably not a great idea to keep them in this position for long periods of time.

The picture above shows a position that allows a lot more sexual access to the favorite places of your partner, and avoids the breathing issues. Keep in mind that if your partner loses their balance, they can’t use their hands to break their fall. Don’t leave them on their own. Doing this position on a bed so that a fall will not hurt them is probably your safest bet.

An alternative to the face down hogtie is the face up hogtie, with the person bound lying on their back. It also eliminates the breathing and access issues. Jay suggests putting a pillow underneath their bottom to reduce some of the weight on their arms and hands. Other than that, most people can be comfortably in this position for quite awhile.