Obscenity Quiz

This quiz is inspired by today’s review of the book, What is Obscenity? The photo above depicts “vagina artist” Megumi Igarashi with the top of her vagina shaped kayak, which is at the center of one of the biggest obscenity trials on art in Japan in the last few decades.

Question #1: Which is not a typical feature of Japanese Shunga erotica?

Question #2: Which of the following is not a result of Article 175 of the Japanese Criminal Code:

Question #3: Japan officially banned possession of child pornography in:

Question #4: Article 175 of the Japan Criminal Code is used against obscenity and was passed in:

Question #5: Censorship is very effective in Japan because:

Question #6: Modern Japanese obscenity prosecution standards were established with:

Question #7: In the 1990s, Japan legalized the photographic depiction of::

Question #8: Bokashi is a Japanese term that refers to:

Question #9: In 2002, this was prosecuted as obscenity in Japan for the first time:

Question #10: Modern Japanese obscenity prosecutions focus on: