What is New in Adult VR?


VR is one of the fasting growing aspects of the adult industry. Where it will go in the future is anybody’s guess. Here are some interesting VR entries, many of which will soon be available (or as we say in the computer technology reviewing trade RSN- real soon now).

We have seen a lot of VR movies, but much less about VR adult games. That may have something to do with just how complex creating VR games is. You have to create 360 degree worlds, which is something game developers know how to do well, but it is often for games with budgets that exceed those of a lot of major movies.

Jumping into the fray is VRXCity, which is still in alpha, which comes before beta testing, and means it is still a ways from releases. I signed up as an alpha tester, in English, and got a German response, which Google translated to “Thank you for you message. She is sent.” I hope she is doing well. I’m still waiting to hear.

Anyway, the site says the game is expected to launch in the Summer of 2018. That is pretty ambitious if they are still in alpha testing. The female models they show photos of have detailed skin textures, which adds to the realism and makes them look less cartoonish, which has been the case with previous attempts at adult VR.

On the site they promise real life avatars with natural movements, the ability to touch and feel everything, do whatever you like, experience every detail, and interact with about 900 erotic stars. They say that it will allow viewers to interact with real love toys, which they will sell. They also tout artificial intelligence and that any fetish is possible. I bet I can think of a few that are not.

Assuming that they get the basics functional (which is currently technically possible so I believe that they can), what they are promising is very ambitious. The only animation I was able to find on the site is about three seconds long. Her skin texture is good, the highlights in her eyes are good, but the collision detection fails when her finger goes through her cheek.

What they have looks good, but what they want to do is not trivial. I have reviewed software for years and have a good sense about this stuff, and I will be surprised if they hit their launch date. I will write more as I learn more.


CamaSutra VR is another VR game contender that is not yet available. They do have a Web demo you can play with, theoretically. When I tried it, it went to a black screen and did nothing more. You may have better luck. I did see a working demo at the AEE convention, so I know they have one.

They state that they are focusing on building digital versions of hundreds of porn stars. Considering that you typically have to do full body scan and license their image, that seems a hugely expensive proposition.

Playing with an alpha version of Camasutra VR

So, we have two very interesting virtual reality games. It is the reality that we are going to have to wait for.


VR Novels makes VR experiences that are a full 360 degrees, which is less common than the easier to manage 180. They are designed to work on your phone through a VR app. I met with company reps and they are quite ambitious with plans for interactivity and other high end features.  So far, none of that appears on their site. As of now what differentiates them is the focus on black performers and the 360 view.

Above is the delightful Kelli Provocateur. Other performers include Nyomi Banxxx, Lethal Lipps, and the Double Dose Twins.

I did find their web site a little confusing. Before you can purchase coins for viewing, you have to select a channel. It looks like most videos cost ten coins. For $4.99 you get 200 coins good for two months. That means you can watch 20 videos at the very low price of around 25 cents each, which makes this a really good deal. I did not view the videos and can not speak about their quality or content, or how well they take advantage of the 360 degree view. If there is nothing else going on in the room other than what is in front of you, then a 360 view is really no better than a 180 view.  There are only 7 channels. The total number of videos on the site is just 28, as far as I could tell. That means that their Gold and Platinum packages with 400 and 1,000 coins don’t make a lot of sense at this point, unless you plan to watch the majority of these videos over and over again. VR can be more rewatchable than straight video, but that assumes a lot is going on in the scene.

This is an article about new VR, and they are new, and have a long way to go to be really competitive. That does not mean that they won’t get there. The site really needs an FAQ to better explain what is going on. I talked with them about a downloadable app but could not find it on the site. I could not find information about the resolution of their videos (a rather big deal with making VR more realistic). Did I find all the content or is there more? How often do they release new content? They leave a lot of questions that I would like answered.


It is not VR technically, nor is it in 3D. It is a technology called telepresence, and you might have seen it featured on the Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon decides to send a mobile version of himself out into the world. That very same technology is being used to create a new adult experience. The robot moves about in the environment with the man or woman you want to spend time with. You can have the robot follow them around or point it in any direction.

The robot is the Beam Pro 2 from Suitable Technologies, posing above with the lovely and definitely not a robot Mya Mays. This robot was designed for general telepresence use, but of course people in the adult industry quickly realized its potential. It can be controlled via your smartphone. Exactly what will be done with it in the future will not be known for awhile, as it will not be available for shipping until this Summer.