The Gelatto Lube Taste Test

The adult lubricant market is highly competitive, and one of the areas where they have really upped their game is with flavored lubes. We are talking about lubes that have no sugar, since you never want anything with sugar inside the vagina, as it is a breeding ground for yeast infections.

The most exciting new flavored lube introduction of late has been the Gelatto lube line from System Jo. They are water-based personal lubricants made with pure plant sourced glycerin. They are all sugar, paraben and propylene glycol free.

I liked them a lot, but we decided to put them to the test. We got eight women to sample the flavors and tell us what they thought. We included several different ethnic backgrounds as we thought that might impact flavor preferences. We also had a wide range of ages, from 30s to 60s.

Each participant chose only the flavors that they normally liked, and ranked the top five in order of preference. We had them cleanse their palette between each taste testing. We gave five points for first place, four points for second, etc.

We included Creme Brulee, Salted Caramel, Hazelnut Espresso and Chocolate Mint. We also included as a control two of their Naturalove line of organic lubes- Strawberry and Chamomille. The results were not what we expected.

The clear hands down winner was Salted Caramel, with a score of 26. At the number two spot, with a score of 22, was Creme Brulee. However, Creme Brulee was the top pick for three of our tasters, tying for the most top place scores with the number three rated lube.

That number three spot was a complete surprise- Chamomille. This was especially surprising since this is a flavor that many chose not to even try. This probably skewed the results a little, as it might have scored well with some of the doubters. Those who tried it tended to really like it, and it was the top pick for three of our testers. They liked the subtle taste, found it pleasant, and not too sweet.

I thought Hazelnut Espresso would do better, but it ran dead last. It scored in the middle even with our most ardent coffee drinker (although she did really like it). It only made the top five with one other taster. I also thought that Chocolate Mint would be near the top, but it sat closer to the middle with a score of 12. Tasters liked it, but felt it could be more chocolaty and more minty. It was two testers’ number two choice, though. Strawberry scored a 9, with the general comment that it just did not have as much flavor compared to the others, and one person felt it had an aftertaste.

Overall, our testers were surprised by how good the flavors were, and all could imagine themselves using these for oral sex. We have never tested flavored lubes before that got this much positive response. For the most part, the testers liked the flavors, just some more than others.

Flavored lubes are going to be used with oral sex, otherwise why bother. We did not test these for intercourse, but of course they can be used that way and probably will be, assuming you have not sucked them all off first. As with water based lubes in a general,

Other companies are feeling the heat and trying to come up with their own creative and quality flavor lines. The new Wicked lubes have certainly caught our attention and we will be giving them a closer look soon.

Your local adult retailer probably has the single fluid oz. Gelatto sample packets, and if the thought of flavored lubes is at all appealing to you, we can recommend these to try without hesitation.

INGREDIENTS: Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Flavor (Aroma), Sucralose, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid