Manufacturer: Sportsheets Material: Polyester, nylon, ABS plastic hardware, Polypropylene, Velcro, nickel free metal hardware, neoprene Size: Queen will fit both Full and Queen mattress, King also fits California King mattress Extras: Instructional DVD

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This is the namesake product for the company and the one that started it all for them. If you’ve ever seen the old David Letterman skit where he stuck to the wall in a velcro suit, you know that velcro can have pretty impressive holding power. In fact, that skit is what inspired company founder Tom Stewart to adapt the principle to fantasy bondage. Velcro anchor pads attached to cuffs that can be placed anywhere on a special sheet to restrain someone.

The cuffs themselves are made out of neoprene and use velcro to cinch them up. They hold very securely and yet are quite comfortable. Maybe they won’t please the hardcore crowd where only German made handcuffs will do, but for most people, including us, the Sportsheets Sportscuffs are the most practical and comfortable way to secure someone’s wrists or ankles. You can release someone in a half second just by pulling the velcro strip. Both handcuffs and rope can tighten up uncomfortably, which can’t happen with the Sportscuffs.

You are probably wondering if the velcro will hold strongly enough to really hold someone down. In this case, it takes a pretty strong pull from the edges to lift up one of the anchor pads. Just tugging on the cuff is not going to do it. For you bondage purists, yes, with some effort the person restrained can release themselves. We’ve all heard of the story of someone passing out while they had someone else restrained, so it is always a good idea to have a bondage system that the person can get out of if they really need to.  Even so, when restrained, you do feel like you are held very securely.

The other concern you might have is about the sheet. What happens when you struggle and simply pull the whole sheet off of the bed? The manufacturers have thought this stuff all through. While the sheet can lift straight up an inch or two, it is held very securely to the mattress by a drawstring that pulls the entire outside edge of the sheet tightly around the mattress, and then by two straps that go underneath the mattress at either end. Trust us, the sheet isn’t going anywhere. They come in two sizes to fit either a Queen or a King mattress (and yes, it does work with a California King).

Another concern you might have is with the sheet itself. Sure, it holds velcro securely, but is it comfortable? Actually it is quite soft and you can sleep on it quite easily. It is also very heavy duty, as are all the components. We know many people who have had their Sportsheets for many, many years.

Being able to move the restraining points around with the movable anchor pads is a significant advantage over just tying someone spreadeagled to a bed. That position is fun for using feathers on them and playing with them, but for sex it is nice to be able to reposition them easily into positions that are a little more comfortable. 

Sportsheets are a quality product made by a company that understands the fantasy bondage market. They aren’t cheap (sheets by themselves are remarkably expensive), but they provide one of the most practical and easy to use restraint systems we have seen.