Sex Under the Tree 2017

Sure, a sex related gift is probably not appropriate for most of the people in your life, but for those special few, they can provide a lot of enjoyment. Sex in Review works all year long to guide you to the best products out there. This article, though, is not about them. It focuses on adult products designed especially for the Christmas season.

The 12 Sex Games of Christmas comes from Kheper Games. It offers 12 festive adult party games to celebrate Christmas. You get games such as The Three Wise Sex Positions, Ooh! Santa BABY!, and I’ll be laid for Christmas. Includes: 12 rule/game cards, 2 dice, 1 chip, 1 dreidel and 1 spinner.

They also have the 12 Drinking Games of Christmas, 12 Adult Party Games of Christmas, and Under the Mistletoe, a Christmas themed sex dice variation.



I was unfamiliar with the Crescendo vibe from MysteryVibe, but it turned up during my Christmas search. It has six motors throughout the shaft, which can be bent into a wide variety of shapes. It works with the MysteryApp on your smart phone to vibrate in an infinity of patterns. It can also vibrate to favorite Christmas Carols- the perfect vibe to use while watching a Hallmark Christmas movie. They have a page, How to Christmisify your Crescendo, that tells you how to do it.


A Christmas themed lube option you find on Amazon is Swiss Navy Candy Cane flavored lubricant. It comes in a 4 oz. bottle and is water based.



This is just plain silly. RipnRoll has Christmas themed condoms. It specifically states in the write-up that it is FDA approved. Not all novelty condoms are FDA approved, and have never gone through the testing required for FDA approval. Novelty condoms without FDA approval are neither effective for the prevention of pregnancy or the prevention of disease. You get a 12 pack with Santa, Rudolph, snowman or wreath- whichever gets you off.

Adam and Eve are offering a  Candy Cane Vibrator for the holidays. Far safer than inserting a real candy cane (sugar + vagina = yeast infection), and offering a bit more satisfying thickness as well. It is waterproof so you can take it out in the snow.

They also have a more traditional  Candy Cane Glass Dildo for the holidays. You can even use the hook end as a G-Spot stimulator. It has all the durability and hygienic properties you would expect of a glass dildo. It can be heated or cooled for sensation play. Being made of heat resistant glass, you can even throw it in the dishwasher to get it clean.