Putting the X in X-mas 2017

Above: Merry Christmas Swingers

Yes, Christmas themed X-rated movies are a thing, and they have been since the dawn of film. We have in the Center for Sexual Expression and Education archives an explicit silent French 1940s era film titled A Little Christmas Story, which in French can also mean A Little Christmas Cunt. It begins with a woman masturbating, and Pere Noel appears. She explains in flashback her unsuccessful attempt at a lesbian encounter. Santa provides her with a very simple hand powered mechanical penis which moves back and forth by pulling a large handle near her head as she bends over the contraption. An angel appears and Santa winds up having sex with her before he disappears.


Santa and an Angel about to get busy in A Little Christmas Story

Nowadays we have color and sound and HD resolution, but they are still making sex with Santa Claus movies, and Christmas themed sex movies. You can find them for purchase, rent or streaming. They literally have more Christmas movies than you have time to watch, with nearly 250 options available.

What we like about Adult Empire is that they offer all three options. They also have previews, and Christmas themed movies released this year as well as older classics. You can see the full list of Christmas movies here.

Here are some of the 2017 Christmas movies:

Merry Fucking Christmas Swingers from Video Art Holland, depicts something I have never done- a Christmas orgy. Sure, on New Year’s Eve, but never on Christmas. The 8 participants start out playing some sexy games, but soon things get very Christmas spirited.

Boss’s Wife for Christmas from City Slutz features an African-American man and a Nordic blonde, who just happens to be married to his boss.

A Hardcore Mother Christmas from HPG Productions features Kelly Doll, who speaks French, but her moans are universal.


Christmas Fucking Season from Private  is a compilation of Christmas themed orgies, sexy female Santa Clauses, and Gina Gerson having a threesome in front of a Christmas tree.

Family Holiday from Sweet Sinner and written and directed by Jacky St. James has a young man bringing his girlfriend home to meet his very strange but wealthy family. She also brings him home to her much more economically disadvantaged family. It is quite the culture shock for both of them, with the one thing both families have in common is incest.

The Getaway: XMAS from MissaX presents some mother son incest at Christmas. Color me shocked at all the taboo goings on.

Zoe Parker rocks a Santa hat in Merry Fucking XXXmas from Digital Videovision. Not sure what else she does, but the front and the back of the DVD are very Christmasy.

Merry Russian XXXmas from Digital Videovision looks similar, but more for fans of really large breasts as sported by Margo Russo.

Jingle Balls from Jacquie et Michel ELITE has a much bigger cast and much bigger breasts. Really big breasts, not that there is anything wrong with that.

How about something a little tamer? Maybe just nudes. Mr. Skin offers us Jolly Christmas Nudes. These are nude scenes with Christmas scenes from mainstream movies featuring well-known personalities including Michelle Monaghan, Natalie Portman, Shannon Elizabeth, Stephanie Chao, Kimberly McArthur, and many others.


So much for this year, but here are a few highlights from Christmas past.

christmas-spiritChristmas Spirit is from Girlsway, noted for their lesbian and cross-generational videos. Reena Sky plays the Scrooge-like stepmom shocked by her daughter’s lesbian encounter with a girlfriend. A Christmas Spirit shows up to remind her that she was not always a lesbian miser herself.

Fucking Christmas Time is from Private, and is a compilation from Christmas themed movies from Christmases past. It has holiday orgies and Christmas gangbangs galore.

All She Wants for Christmas from Desperate Pleasures stars Hope Harper in a mix of holiday scenes featuring older men and younger women.

Swingers Christmas Ball is from Group Sex Games, and these players start with a game and just keep on playing.


Kendo’s Merry Christmas from Daring Media has Christmas décor and a Santa hat or two, and certainly seems to be about making Christmas merry.

Fucking Christmas from the Jazzie Girls provides a POV Christmas with a naughty Santa and Santa’s helper.

In Anal Christmas, I guess all Madisin Lee wanted was a first on camera anal scene, which she gets. Its from Taboo Passions, and they are not kidding abut the taboo part (and no- they are not referring to anal sex).

Big Tit Christmas is all about, well, I think you can guess. It also tells seven different Christmas themed stories, Including variations on Grinch, Ebenezer, and several Santa stories.

christmas-grinchHow the Grinch Gaped Christmas comes from Burning Angel, so you know there will be a tattoo or two. Joanna Angel is the Christmas hating greenie meanie. She goes from wanting to fuck with Christmas to just wanting to fuck during Christmas.

Christmas Gangbang from Hustler stars Zooey Monroe as a girl with a Christmas fetish. She has her own thoughts on how she wants to be filled with the Christmas spirit, and it involves a whole bunch of guys.

The Bitch That Stole Christmas from Hustler’s Barely Legal skips the green makeup, as well as the grinchy plot, to present us with attractive young women having sex, and wait, wasn’t that golden age legendary adult star Herschel Savage? This was made in 2008, and Herschel starred two years earlier in Neil Simon’s play The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue in Santa Monica under the stage name “Max Cohen”.