Liberator Wedges and Ramps

Manufacturer Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear Weight 14 lbs. Material Polyurethane Foam, Microfiber cover

Testing Protocols

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We like sex furniture. It makes it easier to get into new positions, and can make favorite positions much more comfortable. Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear has come up with a very simple idea that works really well. They feature a series of high-density polyurethane foam shapes that can be stacked in a number of interesting ways.

They come with a microfiber machine washable cover in a choice of six colors and zebra and leopard designs.

We tested the two angled shapes. The Wedge is 14″ x 24″ x 7″ and provides a 27-degree pelvic tilt. The Ramp comes in three sizes: Short – 32″x24″x10″, Regular – 34″x24″x12″, and Tall – 36″x24″x14.” The slope of the Ramp is a 45° angle. They can be purchased separately, but they also come in a combo pack.

The way that they ship them is extremely smart. They arrive in a plain brown box in which they are vacuum compressed. The Wedge/Ramp Combo box dimension is just 21″ x 21″ x 10″ and it weighs 14 lbs. When you unpack them they will expand to their full size.

Both of the items we tested were extremely well made and designed. We can affirm that they will last for many years, even with regular use. These are not cheap, but that is understandable because of the high quality of the materials used, and the fact that high quality foam  just by itself is very expensive.

They each have a carrying bag with a strap, making it easy to both store them, keep them clean, and to take them with you, such as for a night away from home at a hotel.

The outer material covering them has a soft, velvet like feel, and is machine washable. It zips off, and underneath is another covering of a silkier, slippier and waterproof nylon. It also zips off for cleaning. The zippers are heavy duty and designed to last. You can use whichever covering you prefer.

At our testing event, we just left them out for people to try. That did not work out, since people really did not get how to use them. I had to show them. Fortunately, Liberator is aware of this issue, so they have an excellent online Position Guide. We suggest you and your partner go over the Position Guide together and discuss what things you would like to try.

Let’s look at what you can do with the Wedge first. Something this simple really can make a difference. With the woman lying on her back with her tail bone resting against the high edge of the Wedge, her male partner will discover a couple of advantages. With the pelvis tipped upwards, it is much easier to give her head without getting that crick in your neck from having to bend your neck back so far.

During intercourse, the upwardly tipped pelvis also makes it easier for the penis to come in direct contact with and stimulate the G-Spot. Since the man can penetrate her while on his knees rather than having to hold himself up with his hands, he will be able to enjoy the view of her face and breasts while being able to last a lot longer with less fatigue. The edge of the Wedge also gives her something to grip and pull against so that she can more easily meet his thrusts.

One of the things that makes anal sex a little easier is to place a pillow under the woman’s hips as she lays face down. This raises her butt up a little and angles it, making entry much easier. The wedge works even better than a pillow for this.

Another position you can try is with the man lying on his back but with his pelvis on the high edge of the Wedge. The woman can then get on top of him and ride him with her legs angled back on the Wedge. With her hands on the floor, she can gently rock back and forth for very deep penetration.

You can do a lot of similar things with the larger Ramp. It just gives you a lot more real estate to work with. It can also raise you up higher than the Wedge can.

Things start to get really fun when you combine the Wedge with the Ramp. You can place the Wedge anywhere on top of the Ramp, and it stays solidly in place without slipping. This is important if you want to stack them in different configurations..

They remind me of those oversized blocks you could stack and play with in kindergarten, but a whole lot more fun. You could stack the Wedge on top of the of the Ramp, with both pointed the same way so that the high end would be up some 18” and angling down towards the floor. She (or he) could bend over the high end, which would raise their bottom quite high in the air. This is quite comfortable, and it keeps their bottom presented nicely for any kind of anal play.

With them stacked in this same configuration, have your partner sit on the Ramp with their lower back right against where the end of the Wedge starts about halfway up the much longer Ramp. The Wedge angles up a little more sharply at this point than the Ramp, so it makes a very comfortable back rest while raising the person sitting on it up, making them very accessible for oral sex, or for intercourse if the woman is in this position.

Finding different ways to stack them is part of the fun. They also don’t have to be used just on a bed. Throw them down anywhere on the floor and you have an instant play space. If you’ve ever gotten rug burn in front of the fireplace, you’ll certainly appreciate this.

While the ramp shapes were their earliest entries, they have since added a lot more items. They’ve gone big with full-size Chaises and Loungers. They have a Black Label line that includes attachment points for bondage play. The also have a whole bunch of different types of shapes.

The Liberator Shapes add variety to your love life both in the positions you can try and by making anywhere you set them a new place to make love. Lovemaking should incorporate spontaneity and playfulness, and the Liberator Shapes can be just the ticket to adding some new playful adventures into your life. We have followed the company since they first started with what was a simple idea. They have expanded well beyond that, while continuing to make quality premium products.