Fantasy Photography at Home


Over the years I’ve shot thousands of erotic photos of models, porn stars, and most importantly to me, photos of my very sexy wife. In the beginning, though, I had no interest in shooting sexy pictures, or, in fact, shooting pictures of people at all. I mostly shot products for various projects.

A twist of fate changed everything. My wife had the opportunity to appear in an adult magazine, but they wanted some photos to see what she looked like naked. I had never shot naked pictures of her.  When I did, I discovered something amazing. Seeing her through the camera lens and then in photographs let me see her not just as my wife, but as a very sexy woman. When you are with someone for many years (and we had been together since were teenagers) you stop really looking at them. Of course they are sexy and beautiful to you, but this was like seeing her with new eyes. It was amazing.

She not only got to do the photo shoot, but she was also the centerfold and cover girl. I was thrilled. I took a lot of naked pictures of her after that, and eventually I got to shoot a lot of other women as well. Those experiences on porn sets, at trade shows, sex clubs, and private parties are chronicled in my upcoming book, Long Lingering Look- The Erotic Photography of Jeff Booth. It includes 100 of my favorite photos and the stories behind them. You can learn more about it by going to the Upcoming Books section of the Center for Sexual Expression and Education web site.

It is years later, and I treasure every photo I have taken of her. The wall above the computer where I am typing this is covered with photos of her that I have taken over the years. I love having them. They bring back memories of all the great times we have had together.

If you want to have a very fun and sexy evening, I suggest you stage your very own fantasy photography session. Your partner comes in as the model, and you can have your “studio” all prepared. Bring props and backgrounds. Have your partner bring several costumes. Get some lights if you can, to make it look more like a real studio. You may even be able to borrow them from a photographer friend. Hang material against a wall to act as a backdrop. Try to do as professional a job as possible. It’s fun to play dress up, its fun to help your partner pose, and its really fun to look at the pictures later.

Planning is very important. It is much harder than it looks to stand in front of the camera and look sexy. Your model really needs guidance and motivation from you as you take their picture. The photographer needs to tell them how they want them to pose, and also provide lots of positive feedback and encouragement. A model will look sexier in a photo if the photographer helps them feel sexy by telling them how good they look, and when a particular pose is really hot. Your job as photographer is to make them feel like the sexiest person alive.

Here are a few books that will help you as the photographer, all available on


Photography Books


art of buodoir potographyThe Art of Boudoir Photography: How to Create Stunning Photographs of Women by Christa Meola

The bulk of the author’s business is boudoir photography shooting non-professional models, making this an excellent book for the non-pro who just wants to get great shots of their partner. There are lots of tips on posing and making the model feel comfortable and sexy. The women featured in the photographs look like real women and not professional models. Her approach is simple without a lot of complex setup. Many consider this the Bible of Boudoir photography.


BPcookbookThe Boudoir Photography Cookbook by Jennifer Rozenbaum

The author refers to this as a collection of 60 recipes for tempting photos. By re3cipes she is actually referring to what she considers essential skills. Each photograph includes a diagram to explain how it was shot and the settings used and an explanation of why she used the different elements in the shot. Besides being a professional boudoir photographer, the author also teaches workshops, which has helped her to refine her information. The book includes many different lighting conditions and many different body types.



BG1000Boudoir and Glamour Photography: 1000 Poses for Models and Photographers by D. D. Smith

Figuring out how to pose your model can be very challenging for the inexperienced photographer. Having a source of inspiration can be very helpful, and this book gives you 1,000 inspiring photos. There is some advice on posing, but the bulk of the book is devoted to full page well organized pictures of poses. There are ten models posed in an arm chair, chair, crouching, kneeling, crawling, lying on their front, back and side, reclining, and sitting. It is primarily an idea book to flip though for poses to see what you think looks good. Right now Amazon Prime and Kindle owners can even get it for free.


lighting the nudeLighting the Nude: Top Photography Professionals Share Their Secrets  by Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz

This classic includes 400 nudes with diagrams of the lighting setups used by the over 60 professional photographers who shot them. It is a repackaging of three books from the late 1990s Pro-Lighting series- “Pro-lighting: Nudes”, “Pro-lighting: Erotica” and “Pro-Lighting: Provocative Shots.” Its massive 450 pages offer many ideas for poses as well as lighting.



boudoirlightingBoudoir Lighting: Simple Techniques for Dramatic Photography by Robin Owen (Kindle and Hardback editions)

This is a book more for the casual or new photography than the experienced expert. It offers 60 basic lighting setups and explains them. Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of your photos, and knowing these basic techniques will prove very useful.