Climax Bunnies

Manufacturer: Topco Material: ABS plastic Size: width 1.7″ length 4″ Hardness: 40 Weight: controller with batteries 3.4 oz, vibrator 2.3 oz Batteries: 2 AA Colors: Green, Pink, Lavendar, Blue and Clear.

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Climax Bunnies is a small wired vibrator for which the expression “all ears” certainly applies. If you are familiar with the Rabbit Pearl vibrator, this is just like that, except that it is just the vibrating ear part. The vibrating ears, though, are one of the best parts of the Rabbit Pearl, and with this you can enjoy them just by themselves or use the ears along with other sex toys.

The battery pack and controller is connected to the vibrator via what they call a “Jackpin connector.” What this means is that any Jackpin connected battery pack will work with any Jackpin compatible sex toy from a number of manufacturers. If you have several Jackpin compatible toys, then you can easily swap out toys with a single battery pack, and also have a backup battery pack to quickly swap in if the one on your toy starts to run down. The cord from the vibrator easily plugs into the connector on the controller.

Climax Bunnies come in green, pink, lavender, blue, and clear. They have ten functions, which you set by repeatedly pushing the settings button. The first three settings are intensity, and it gets pretty intense at the highest setting. It is also a little loud, but if you hold the bullet more firmly it will get quieter. The other seven settings are different patterns.

You can use the bullet part of the vibe just like you would any bullet vibrator. What the ears do is concentrate the vibration onto a small area. You can use the tips of the ears anywhere on the body, especially on the erogenous zones. However, the best use of the ears is not the tips. If you want to get the most out of this, the ears should nestle under the clitoral hood pointing upwards (towards her head) with one ear on each side of the clitoris. This is not a beginning move, but it should help her get over the top.

This is a toy for external use, not one you would use for penetration. It is inexpensive, and adds a nice tightly targeted pleasure technique to your toy collection.