AEE Roundup – Sensual Products

Sensuality is a very important part of sex, so these types of products are important for sex enthusiasts to know about. We will not include products that have ingredients that are worrisome to us, such as parabens.

There were a lot of new lubes out this year. These are challenging to evaluate. We did have many of them rubbed on us, but they really need to be tried with sex, and they made it clear to us that we could not test them effectively on the show floor. There are rules. So, we will just tell you about them.

The truth is, lube preference varies from individual to individual, so we always suggest you try the small pillow pack or sample packet first. If you are looking for a lube, go into your local adult store and work with the person helping people there to pick out a number of the samples. In most couple friendly stores, the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Some lubes are better for anal sex, some for oral sex, some for sex toys, and some for intercourse. I have yet to come across a lube that excelled at all or even most of these things, so you may want to look for lubes for specific activities. We have found that the lube testing process with your partner can be quite a bit of fun, and you can talk about what you liked or did not like afterwards. This encourages talking about sex with your partner, which is generally a good thing.

So here we go. First up are the products from Eden Intimate Bodycare. They were nominated in the XBiz awards for Sex Lubricant of the Year and Sex Lubricant Company of the Year. Their latest product is Anal Silicone Gel. It is a clear gel designed for anal sex, and in our experience gels and thicker lubes are a good choice for anal sex. Their water based Aquaglide has moisturizers and minerals that are good for the skin, and is a good general purpose lube and safe with latex. Their Ultraglide lube is silicone based, making it long lasting but a poor choice for silicone sex toys.


The latest big thing in lubes is flavors. The flavor part is not new, but the really tasty flavor thing is. There are some really delicious lubes out there now. The latest entry along those lines is Shibari’s Hello, Sexy! line of clear water based lubes, which has a regular unflavored and Happy Birthday, a vanilla birthday cake flavored lube. It did make me think of birthday cake when I tasted it, although I might have preferred vanilla cake with chocolate icing. This, as the Katy Perry song goes, will “Make it like your birthday everyday.” Also new is their Shibari Coconut Creme Hybrid, and they have reformulated their Hemp lubricant, which we will write more about in our upcoming feature on hemp based adult products.


Bedroom Products is new to us, and we had a chance to talk to the people there. They made a very good impression with us, and seem dedicated to making quality products. It isn’t just us, though. They were named the Best Enhancement Manufacturer at the 2018 AVN Awards. They have a water based lube called Smooth and a silicone based lube called Silky. What really got our attention is their massage candles, and we will be doing a review of them in the near future. They are called Heat, and based on a brief exposure at the show, we really liked them.


CenterSEE co-founder Kris Booth spent quite a bit of time talking with Susan, the founder of It’s the Bomb, and Kris came back very enthusiastic about the company. Their bath bombs, soaps, petals, and bombs are sensual and high quality. They have a Luxury Collective (which are depicted in our title picture above), and a Naughty Collective (with one of the best selections and most creative naughty soaps and I have seen, including soap shaped into handcuffs and butt plugs.) They are a female focused company and they have a lot of different things going on (including party tours for women), so you will want to explore their web site.

Just a few of It’s the Bomb Naughty Soaps