AEE Roundup – Cam Girls

Cam girls have a highly visible position at the show- pretty much front and center. They are in a number of places including the hallways, working away on cam. Live cam interactions are on the ascendancy in the adult industry. Instead of movies where you typically fast forward to the good parts, a cam girl gives you a live, one of a kind, one on one experience that is much more personal.


My Free Cams

Choosing who you want to chat with on services like My Free Cams with so many options can be challenging. You do get to watch the different feeds for free, you can chat if you sign up for free, although private chats will cost you. There is no fast forward and you never really know what you are going to get to see unless you pony up enough tokens where you get to suggest the action. Sometimes you’ll hit a room where really nothing is happening, and other times you might hit a room with hard core sex (perhaps a little less often, though). One feature I really like that  they have is the ability to grab the corner of the video window and scale it up to full screen size. Some make video sizing a premium feature.

You see the different viewers chatting away in a text chat screen, but you can see and hear the model. I have a model open as I am typing this, and she just responded to inappropriate comments on the feed I had playing in the background by saying “Its no wonder so many people ban you, you asshole.” Good for her- the guy deserved it. I wondered about the level of harassment (which yes, can occur even on a sex chat), and from what I saw the girls can verbally abuse the guy back, which is appropriate. Then after abusing him she can block him. The power should be in her hands, and I may be mistaken, but that is how it appears to work here and on other chat sites.

The model here is based largely on tipping. The more you tip, the more you see, and the more your fellow viewers see. You become a premium member by purchasing tokens for tipping, private shows (60 tokens a minute), group shows (minimum of three people at 10 tokens per minute each), and spy shows (no chat but you get to watch someone else’s show). The current cost for tokens is 200 for $19.95 ($.0.10 each) , 550 for $49.95 ($0.09 each) , and$74.99 for 900 tokens ($0.08) each.

What I have noticed looking at different chat sites is that there is a lot of variability between the different models in what they offer. They often have special offers for x amount of tips. Some sites support remote operation of sex toys and other special features. On My Free Cams they support Lovesense toys.

At 10 pm on a Friday night there were 1,475 models online.

I probably shot the most pictures at the My Free Cams booth. I also got a lot of my Behind the Scenes shots there, which you can view on the CeneterSEE blog. It was also where we had some technical difficulties and got home to realize we had lost a couple of names, with the most from the My Free Cams booth. My apologies to the below who do not get properly credited.

Her name actually is “nude_ _” with a lowercase n and two underscores, which is funny, because that was my grandmother’s name.  Here she appears quite nude at the convention.


In reality, though, nude _ _ is not actually nude, but pretty gosh darn close to it. I never did see what she uses that paddle for.


Wildrose claims to attend the Academy of Good MILFS. She is a bi-curious non drug using athletic brunette, and she certainly seems nice from her profile. It is clear that she likes to laugh, although I can’t see what she is laughing at (hopefully not another penis pic from some clueless guy- why do they do that?)


She was quite stunning but we lost her name.


Also delightful to look at, but also lost her name.



Cam 4

Cam 4 has a similar model to My Free Cams, which is becoming pretty standard. Right now you can get 550 Tokens for $84.95 ($0.15 each), 300 Tokens for $44 .95 ($0.15 each), or 150 Tokens for $18.99 (0.13 each – which is a little odd as that is your best value), and 50 Tokens for $9.95 ($.0.20 each). There is a gold membership for $19.95 per month ($9,95 per month yearly) that includes 100 tokens, no advertisements, full screen cam views, and private messages. You can use the tokens for tipping and private shows, which are between 12 and 30 tokens per minute.

I like their alternative for tipping – giving gifts. They have a bunch of virtual gifts, from buying her a drink to sending flowers or jewels. They aren’t real – you pay in tokens and she gets a cash payout, but it just seems less crass than just giving money.

Models also have the option to set up games, such as roll the dice. There is a different on-screen outcome depending upon what number you rolled. Some models also have interactive vibrators that can be controlled by the viewers. On My Free Cams they call this feature Live Touch.

At 10 pm on a Friday night there were 1,519 models online.

This ball pit for the Cam 4 girls to play in was quite fun. I should clarify that the rabbit girl is not tweaking the nose of a tiny person – that is just an issue of perspective.

Right now is offering 100 free tokens to new  members. Tokens cost $12 for 100 ($0.12), $26 for 250 ($0.10- actually a fraction of a penny more), $50 for 500 ($0.10), and $99 for 1,000 ($0.10- actually a fraction of a penny less). The typical rate for a private show is 50 tokens a minute.

The tokens allow you to direct models in Private & Tipping shows, physically connect with Buzzmode & Connexion sex toys, view private shows as a voyeur, see adult stars exclusively on Cams, and give virtual gifts.

You can also join a model’s Fan Club, where you typically get a discounted rate on private chat (it varies widely from model to model) and you can watch all of their recorded shows. Some models have only a handful and others have over 1,000.

At 10 pm on a Friday night there were 657 models online.


The adorable Alena Croft is displaying one of my favorite features of flash cameras. Certain tops that look opaque under normal lighting suddenly become see-thru under a flash.


I Want Empire

I Want Empire is not a chat site, but more of a hybrid, weaving together an infrastructure for talent to create clips and custom clips and merchandise them. I did not dig too deep, but it is certainly something that those interested in creating content should check out.


Violet Doll chats while Princess Lexie texts.


So hot even her fellow I Want Empirean wanted pictures of her.


Fan Centro

Fan Centro is also a little different. It is more of a way to follow your favorite performers. Assuming I understand it, it is sort of a megasite where you can get monthly subscriptions to individual performers personal sites. It seems like a sort of private snapchat like site you are getting access to that allows more explicit content. I did not check any of them out, as it runs around $20 to $30 a month for each one, and it was not in our budget (we are a not for profit after all).