CyberSkin Vibrating Cyber Cock with Balls

Manufacturer Topco Weight 10 oz./controller 3 oz.) Material Thermoplastic Elastomer Hardness 10.5 Loudness 41/39 decibels Insertable Length 5.82″ Girth 1.59″ Batteries 2 AA

Testing Protocols

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CyberSkin feels so much like real skin it is almost spooky. If you are looking for a real feeling sex toy (well, except for the vibration part), this comes as close as anything we have seen (or touched). They also make a non-vibrating dildo version, but we like the addition of vibration. After all, it should have a little something over the real thing. You can also choose from three shades of skin color.

CyberSkin is a pretty amazing substance. One of the most striking things you’ll note when you first feel the Cyber Cock is that it is very soft and resilient on the outside yet firm on the inside, very much like a real erect penis. Even the balls feel real. At first, I assumed that they had to use a different substance inside to make it firmer, but the injection molding process used to create CyberSkin products allows them to vary the density (and subsequent hardness) of the CyberSkin within the same mold. This is one of the keys to the remarkably realistic feel.

Kris is generally unimpressed with realistic dildos, preferring her penises to not be disembodied. She usually prefers the more abstract designs. This was a winner with her though. She really liked the feel, and the flat base with the balls gave me a good grip and enough control. I held it with the flat base against my palm and the fingers wrapped around the sides. That way she could also still get the stimulation of the balls pushing against her with each thrust.

I have seen articles on Cyberskin and similar products online warning that it may contain phthalates. These are chemical substances that may be toxic when inserted vaginally or anally. In 2006, Topco allowed Greenpeace to test Cyberskin independently, and they confirmed that Cyberskin is phthalate free.

You’ll also find sites that warn that Cyberskin is not safe. I have seen sites that rate it in terms of safety along with Jelly products, which do contain phthalates. What the site did not explain is that their low rating was the same for all porous toys, whether they contain potentially toxic chemicals or not. These are two very different issues, though.

Non-porous toys are much easier to clean and sterilize, but that does not mean that all porous toys should be avoided. They just take a little more care. For maximum cleanliness, you can put a condom on it (especially if sharing). For more on caring for porous toys and toys in general, and why jelly toys might not work as well with condoms, and tons more information on sex toys, get your free copy of the CenterSEE Guide to Adult Toys.

CyberSkin needs to be treated with care. It is not the type of toy you throw into a drawer along with your other toys. Being soft and skin-like, it can tear against rough edges, and as we learned the hard way when we put a CyberSkin product in a window seat that got some direct sun, you don’t want to get it too hot. It can aslo fuse to other toys if they are stored touching each other. We keep ours in the original box.

You also need to be careful in your choice of lube. Do not use silicone or oil based lubes. The standard water based lube should work just fine.

Even after cleaning, they can get a little sticky (although not in the same ways as a toy made with pthaletes that actually seep liquid after awhile). Cyberskin products come with a bottle of Renew powder, but we just use corn starch. This works fine to restore the smooth non-tacky surface feel.

Does the material last? With proper care, yes. Just out of curiosity, I checked in the CenterSEE collection where the sex toys, magazines, videos, and cool artifacts such as the very first personal sex vibrator (circa 1911- learn more at our online museum, the Museum of Sexual History) are stored. I found a Cyberskin item that had been in storage for 10 years. It was not at all tacky and had held up just fine. Other soft vibrators also stored in the original box were in very rough shape and not at all still usable.

About the only way that CyberSkin does not feel real is in the warmth department. As with most sex toys, the surface can be quite a bit cooler than the ambient room temperature. If you do anything to try and warm it (like using a heating pad for example), make sure that the heat is very low.

When you apply lube to the Cyber Cock, you also might want to rub the lube between your hands vigorously to warm it up a little before applying it to the toy. If the lube feels cool on your hand, you can be pretty sure that it is going to cool down whatever you put it on.

The vibration control is an external box with a variable speed slider controller. It is connected by a 27 1/2″ wire to a standard bullet vibrator embedded about dead center in the Cyber Cock shaft.

There are more realistic looking vibrating cocks on the market, with carefully hand detailed veins, and they cost about the same as the Vibrating Cyber Cock. Unless you are using a spot light on them and you have a fetish for realism, though, what is really going to make the difference is the feel. On that front, the Cyber Cock has got the ultra realistic looking cocks beat hands down.