Gyro G G-Spot Vibrator

Manufacturer: Pleasure Works Material: ABS with Velvet coating Size: width 1.7″ insertable 5.00″ Hardness: 93 Loudness: 47 dB Weight: 7 oz. Batteries: 2 AA Colors: Red, Purple

Testing Protocols

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This is a uniquely shaped vibrator, and there are some things to know about using it if you are using it on a partner rather than on yourself. Getting just the right orientation can be a little tricky, unless you know a simple secret.

Here is the basic problem, and this is true with almost all similar G-Spot type vibrators. The end tapers upwards to concentrate the vibrations right on the G-Spot. That is fine and well when you are using it on yourself, but when you are using it on someone else, it is easy to lose the orientation of where that taper is once it is inserted. This problem is easily resolved, however. Use a Sharpie and make a mark on the vibrator parallel to the upturned tip. I made sure that the top was screwed on tightly, then made the mark just below the part of the dial that rotates to adjust intensity. Obviously, you don’t want to put the mark on the rotating part. Problem solved. Now the driver can easily see where they are aiming the curved tip.

Insertion works best at a slight angle rather than straight on, so if you are using it on a partner, have them help you guide it in the first time. If you look at the shape, straight on is actually quite thick with the taper (1.72”). The best way to insert it is at a slight upward angle, and then straighten it out a bit as it goes in. The easiest way to understand this (I’m talking to guys, here) is to make a fist and try and insert the vibrator into your fist. It should be fairly clear that a straight on approach does not work nearly as well as a sort of scooping motion, where the tip goes straight in (angling the vibrator upward) and as you push it into the fist the end of the vibrator goes down so that the tip of the vibrator touches the palm of your hand (think of that as the g-spot). Don’t worry if this sounds complicated. Your partner will have no problem guiding you and it will be perfectly intuitive to her. It really is not all that much extra effort but good to know about ahead of time.

The design has a lot going for it. It can provide quite a bit of intensity on the G-Spot. It also has the unique feature of being slightly wider in the middle, which our testers reported provided a fuller feeling that they really liked. It is also waterproof.

This is made of hard ABS with a velvety surface feel that our testers liked a lot. We have heard some concerns about this velvety surface coating, and did some testing and found that those concerns were unfounded. You can read about our testing in our review of The Grape Escape.

The dial to control intensity has widely spaced ridges. If your fingers are lubed up and slippery, It can be difficult to get a good grip to adjust it.

Our insertable measurement describes the length from the tip to the dial, but you normally would not want to insert it that far. The width is the widest point of the vibrator at the middle, which bulges out.

Overall, this vibrator gets high marks. It is relatively inexpensive, and offers something a little different.