Sex Swings

We have been fans of Sex Swings for a long time. The good news is that there are now a number of reasonably priced swings on the market for under $100.

The one we are most familiar with is the Love Swing from Topco. It is widely available, including from Amazon, and it is very reasonably priced. We have gotten years of use from it. The straps are easily adjustable, and the support parts are covered in neoprene. Most other swings are priced in the same neighborhood and are very similar in design.


Topco Love Swing

It is great for giving her head. You can move her around however you like, you have complete access, and you don’t get a crick in your neck. One of the first times we used I sat in it and it is just as good for receiving head as it is for giving.

What I really like about it is that it comes close to one of my favorite fantasies- having sex while weightless. You can sit someone in this swing and move them around as if they weighed nothing. You can also bounce them up and down gently on the spring. When I got head, she was able to pull me back and forth into her mouth with no effort, which was a very erotically charged sensation.

Intercourse offers a large number of possibilities.  You can stand while fucking her in several positions. She can be sitting facing away from you, towards you, or even leaning way back in the swing with her feet in the air.  She can be supported lying face down. You can try positions that would otherwise require you to be a world class athlete.

We mounted the swing right at the edge of the bed. We can use it standing or kneeling on the floor (we made sure some pillows were handy for the kneeling positions), and you can also use it with one partner in the swing and the other on the bed. One position we tried that was quite interesting was where I was lying on the bed with my feet hanging over the edge. My partner was in the swing with her neck supported by the upper strap and her lower back supported by the lower strap. I was able to enter her and push gently on her legs to slide her back and forth while she played with her clit.

A swing offers wonderful opportunities for experimentation, and because you can find positions that are very comfortable, you don’t have to worry about the fatigue that some positions can give you. In other words, you may be able to go for a longer period of time.

As might be expected, the heavier you are, the more this is likely to dig in and be a little uncomfortable. It really depends upon the position, though. At 190 lbs I was quite comfortable. The spring is rated for 200 lbs, and while they say it will support 400 lbs without the spring, there is a good reason not to remove the spring.  Besides the fact that it gives you a nice little bounce, the springs also serves a more important function by reducing the amount of stress on the attachment point. While the swing itself may be able to support the extra weight, removing it will reduce the amount of weight the attachment holding the swing up in the air can support.

You do have to mount the swing, which is not difficult, but you do want to do it carefully. You could mount it in a doorway, and there are swings designed for doorway mounting, which is the easiest although it may not be the most practical or the most romantic location for you. Swings like the FF Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing from Pipedereams, The Door Swing from Adventure Industries, or the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling really don’t give you much swinging, since the person sitting in the swing will have their back to the closed door. That is because the supports go over the top of the door and secure by closing the door. There is also no bounce to them. On the plus side, these are a very inexpensive option and very easy to set up.


Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling

The best way to mount a standard swing like the Love Swing it is to find a ceiling joist and mount it directly into the joist in the ceiling. You want to make sure that the screw goes into solid wood and not close to the edge, as this is something you really want to hold. If it did come loose, someone could get hurt, which would sort of spoil the fun. Take the time and mount it properly. If you have access to your attic, the best way to mount it is through a bolt all the way through the beam. This is as sure as you can get, assuming that you have made sure that the bolt is rated for the amount of weight you plan to put on it.

Once you have it mounted, all you have to do is unclip the clip from the eyebolt to take down the swing and put it away. That way, you don’t have to explain what that strange object hanging from your ceiling is. You can use the eyebolt to hang a plant if you wish to further disguise it.

Where we are living now, attic access is limited and our bedroom ceiling is 12 feet high, so hanging it from the ceiling is not a practical solution. That is where a Swing Stand comes to the rescue. Swing Stands are basically a stand that will hold just about any sex swing. Even if you are able to mount an attachment in the ceiling, it is nice to be able to move the swing around to different areas, or even take it with you to a motel room or a party (if you enjoy that sort of party).

You can find good quality swing stands on Amazon for under $200. Topco, the same company that makes the swing we use, has a very inexpensive stand called the Universal Sex Swing Stand. As with most stands, it supports up to 400 pounds. It takes up 7.3′ x 5.5′ when assembled, and is 6.6″ high. Packed in the box it weights about 43 pounds.

sexswingstandSex Swing Stand

This is an inexpensive stand, so don’t expect a marvel of precision engineering. It breaks down small, but will take you a little while to assemble the first time. Each tubular section slides into another and is tightened in place using Allen screws (and they include a wrench). Once assembled, though, it is quite sturdy. After you get used to putting it together you’ll be able to do it much more quickly.

The legs are in the perfect spot so that when you are in the swing with your legs spread and extended, you can put the bottoms of your feet against two of the legs to hold yourself in place a little, which can be quite handy for some positions. With your knees bent slightly, you can easily spin around 360 degrees.

One of the things I consider a plus, but others may think of as a negative, is the stand width. This stand is wide at 7.3′ at the base. Some I have seen top out at 6″ wide. I like having a little more width to move around with, where for others, space may be at more of a premium.

Most sex swing stands follow the same basic design. There is a Multi-Purpose Sex Swing Stand available from AliExpress that is super deluxe, but it is also $800. For most, the less expensive versions should be adequate.

Some swing stands have metal rings along the side. These are for bondage attachment points. They are not load bearing. There is a sex swing variant known as a Sex Sling, which attaches from all four corners. If you had one of these, you might be tempted to use the attachment points on the vertical supports. Don’t. If your sex swing stand has four attachment points along the vertical crossbars (and often they have just two), you may be able to attach a sling, but make sure that those attachments points can handle the weight. Since slings lack springs, they can put a lot of stress on attachment points, so you will want them to be very heavy duty.

In general, sex slings are more difficult to hang, and are more expensive. They often feature leather seats and backs, which is one of the reasons they are popular with the BDSM crowd. Because they offer more support, they can also be more comfortable, especially if you are a larger person. A good example would be the Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Swing.


Strict Leather Premium Black Leather Sex Swing

There are a few variations on the basic sex swing. The most common is one designed for bondage. They typically include D-rings that allow for the attachment of ankle and wrist restraints. There is also the Spinning Sex Swing that rotates a full 360 degrees. This is a nice feature to have, but you can also do it yourself if you have a basic understanding of hardware.

For lovers looking for something adventurous to add to their love life, we can heartily recommend a sex swing. They have been very popular at our testing events, and we have personally enjoyed using them for years