Twisted Valentine’s Piercing Party

by Kris Booth

It was our kinkiest Valentine’s party ever. We always try and come up with an interesting theme, and this time the theme was all my idea: A Twisted Valentine’s Piercing Party. It would be a swing party, but one of the rooms would be used for piercing by a professional piercing artist. We had several friends who wanted to get piercings (including me), and this would be the perfect opportunity for them to do it with friends to give them moral (and immoral) support. There were two nipple piercings and two clit hood piercings done at the party. (To learn more about non-piercing jewelry, check out our Erotic Jewelry article.)

Some people didn’t care for the idea, so they didn’t come in the room (with the closed door) where this service was performed. Some people watched, enjoying seeing the body parts and the faces of those being pierced. Four of us had the erotic experience of being pierced. 

Erotic??? (you may ask). Well, imagine being carefully measured and marked. All eyes are focused on you. Your lover holds your hand. You take a deep breath, and then there is a sharp tantalizing stab of pain. Oh, yes. For me, the main thrill of having my clit hood pierced with a horizontal piercing was the process of being pierced itself. I enjoyed having the piercing, although I found it did not add much extra stimulation. Some women do find it very stimulating, though.

For some, the addition of the jewelry adds an extra level of sensation. How it works for you really depends upon the type of piercing, the jewelry you choose, and your own particular anatomy. Doing your homework first is very important. I chose the horizontal clit hood as I liked the idea of being able to flip the jewelry up out of the way. I also selected the horseshoe design because for me, the bead of the jewelry would rest right against my clit.

As for how guys react to it, some really like it, and some are just puzzled by it and not sure what to do. It is better if it is something your partner is really into as well.

One of the best overall sites we’ve seen is Tribalectic, which has tons of information on piercings and aftercare, personal experience stories, offers a wide variety of jewelry for sale, has local body piercing shop listings for the U.S., and lots of pictures of nipple, clitoral, and penile piercings. We suggest this as the first site to check out.

Another good site to check out is BME, which has a lot of articles and pictures. While there is still plenty of interest to the casual browser, you will have to do their free sign-up to fully access the site.

For pictures of the basic female genital piercings and information about them, check out The Piercing Bible. They have pictures and information on lots of different types of genital piercings, and nipple piercings as well.  If you are interested in seeing more pictures of piercings, you might want to check out the Piercing World tumblr. They have over 1,000 pages of piercing photos, with an emphasis on sexy piercings.

Nipple piercings are pretty straightforward and don’t involve as many choices as genital piercings do. There is really only one place on the nipple you can pierce. Your main choice is really the gauge of the jewelry you want to wear. A very few do get a vertical piercing, but the majority go with the standard horizontal. 

I like nipple piercings a lot, and I especially like the shield type jewelry. I was told by everyone, including Jeff, that it would be an act against nature to do anything to my breasts as they were perfect the way they were. The clit hood piercing was really my second choice.

How do you find a good piercing artist? The Internet makes this a lot easier, as you can check out the local resources for the BDSM, fetish, and alternative crowds in your area. Many of these have message boards and other resources where you can get reports from others in your area who have used their services.  You definitely want to use someone who has extensive experience doing the type of piercing you want, and who follows all of the standard procedures for safety and cleanliness. The site of the Association of Professional Piercers, has a good article on choosing a piercer, as well as other useful information. While there are no actual official certifications for piercers, the APP is the closest thing to a legitimate professional organization that certifies practitioners.

Once you are pierced and have your starter jewelry, you’ll eventually want to look for something new. Here are a few places online that specialize in erotic body jewelry:


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