Sex Tech – Sex in 4K

This is a continuing column on the developing world of virtual reality porn and other sex related technologies. The author has been reviewing computer software and technology for over 20 years.


If you have a 4K television, also known as UltraHD or UHD, obviously you are going to want to see what 4K porn looks like. While the mainstream 4K content is still limited, there is a surprising amount of 4K porn available. The trick is in getting it on your television. Roku has some options, which we’ll discuss next month, but this month we’ll look at how to get 4K porn on your television without any extra hardware.

You might have a phone with a 4k screen, or even a tablet or even a desktop computer. But here is the most important information for you to know. A 4K screen is not that important on these devices. To fully take advantage of 4K, you need a really big screen. I see the differences on a 65” screen, but some can’t really see it unless the screen is even larger. Bigger is better, and the difference between HD and 4K on a small screen is almost impossible to distinguish. A 70 inch screen is probably the sweet spot for most.

Another factor is distance. Over 8 feet away from a 65 inch 4K television and you begin to get diminishing returns. I find that around 7 feet works best for me. Too far away and you can no longer see the incredible detail. The larger the television, the further away from it you can sit and still appreciate all of the added detail.

For displays right up against your eyeballs, as in virtual reality, 4K looks amazing on the paired tiny screens. Having seen 3D VR in 4K, it is absolutely the future.

A 4K picture almost seems to have depth, and 4K has more color than HDTV (16.7 million colors versus over 1 billion colors), which makes the picture look even more realistic. I also would not buy a television that did not have support for HDR, which stands for high dynamic range. You also need to have content that is in the HDR format, which makes for an even better picture. That bounces you up to 68 billion colors, and despite the eye not being able to perceive that many distinct colors, it still significantly enhances the picture.

Here is another factor that makes a surprisingly big difference- frame rate. Standard HD as well as 4K display 30 frames per second, but that is a standard, not a limit for 4K. Content can be shot at 60 frames per second and even much higher. The difference between 30 fps and 60 fps is surprising. It just looks much more real at a higher frame rate.

I have a Sony television that is ranked at the top in upscaling (converting a lower resolution video, such as 1080P, into the higher UHD format). Since there is so little 4K content, choosing a set with high quality upscaling is important. It also has Google Chromecast built-in. I can cast a 720P or 1080P video using Chrome on my laptop and it looks amazing, streaming right off the web site. It is not 4K, but with good quality upscaling, it looks great.

I have Google Chromecast built in to my television. If I go into Chrome, find a 4K clip on my laptop, and stream it to my television, it looks great. But it is not 4K. It is the maximum resolution that my laptop can display, upscaled to 4K by the television. It does not help any if I directly connect my laptop to the TV via HDMI. You are limited by the resolution of the graphics card in your laptop. There are only a handful of 4k laptop models available, and they are quite expensive.

So, how do you get 4k porn into your 4k porn television? It is actually quite easy, but you are not going to go the streaming route. Go to the site with 4K content and download it onto a USB drive. The file sizes are going to be on the large size. How big depends on how it was compressed, so we just grabbed some random examples from some 4K adult sites. One ten minute clip came in at 1.4 gigabytes.

Plug the USB thumb drive into the USB port of the television and a menu should pop up allowing you to play it. When I did this, the scenes looked incredible.

Not all pay sites that promote their 4K content allow you to download it in 4K, which is rather important. Some plans, typically the cheaper ones, may not even include 4K or limit you to streaming only. You’ll want to check on this detail before you sign up.

If you want to stream 4K to your television, you might want to check out Roku. You would need the Ultra-HD version. It is the only streaming device I know of that directly supports streaming porn. The adult channels aren’t in the store. They are what are known as private channels. Adult Roku Channels provides an extensive listing of the adult channels and instructions on how to set them up on your Roku.

The first Roku adult channel, Forbidden Fruit Films, appeared a year ago. Pornstar Empire has some 4k titles. So does Adult Empire Unlimited On the gay side, there is Dominic Ford, which is also the only gay site I know of with 3D content. One of my favorite adult sites, known for high quality 4k content, also now has a Roku channel- Naughty America. As with regular television, there has not been an avalanche of 4K titles appearing in the last year. Roku does offer a lot of adult channels in HD, but we’ll have to wait and see how many will offer porn in 4k. There is enough already to keep you fairly busy.