Sex Tech – VR Sex Online

This is a continuing column on the developing world of virtual reality porn and other sex related technologies. The author has been reviewing computer software and technology for over 20 years.


There is now a surprising amount of VR porn available. This month we’ll look at some of the major content creators and what they have to offer.

This is not a review but an overview of some of the companies currently providing pre-recorded VR porn. The information comes from their web sites and has not been independently evaluated. They may offer additional features that we were not able to discern from perusing the web site. We are listing the costs as of April 2017, but those are subject to change. One thing thing that is not completely clear from the sites is how or whether each one supports the Google Cardboard button. If we say it supports Google cardboard, that means it will work in all Google Cardboard compatible headsets.

All of the sites covered here continually add new VR content. The average seems to be two new clips per week. They all have large networks of traditional porn sites (with one exception), and all feature major adult stars. They also primarily feature male point of view with limited camera motion, since too much camera motion can cause motion sickness in the lower end VR headsets. Some offer immersive audio, but we need to evaluate how well each site implements it, which we will in future columns that look at specific VR sites in more depth.


Naughty America

A well established leading provider of adult content, they have taken the VR market seriously and are jumping in aggressively. They have contract girls such as Lana Rhoades and Kendall Kayden, and many other girls that porn fans will be familiar with. It works with Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR. Monthly and yearly subscriptions include full access to their VR porn. They currently have around 130 scenes, with more being added all of the time. There is also a lot of variety in the scenes – not just you and a girl in a bedroom of living room. You can check out their current list of VR scenes here. Their scenes are 180 degrees as opposed to 360 degrees, but for watching porn, it is not really needed. For 360 degrees, you need to be standing up, something most people do not do to masturbate. You can’t rotate your neck that far from a seated position, and there really is nothing to see back there with few exceptions. They also have a few scenes in 4K, but 4k is brand new and the only headsets I know of that support it are the Primax and the Cortex. Neither seems readily available, nor are there many reviews. I have not had them in my studio, and have no idea how well they work with the various VR companies that offer 4K videos. It really is uncharted territory at this point. This resolution is the future, however, and makes a huge difference, drastically reducing the screen door effect. The good news is that as the lower cost 4K headsets become more available, while having problems with game play, should be quite acceptable for porn. Naughty America offers a 3 Day trial for $1.95, a 7 day trial for $4.95 (both trials are limited to one VR scene), a monthly membership for $24.95, and a yearly membership for $71.40. In terms of an overall porn site with plenty of VR content as well, Naughty America is pretty hard to beat.


BaDoink VR

Subscriptions include a free pair of Goggle Cardboard goggles. Their videos are compatible with Oculus, Gear VR, PSVR, Daydream View, and Google Cardboard. They offer full 3D 360 degree videos in 4K. Like Naughty America, they also include a huge network of standard porn sites. They had a little over 100 VR scenes at the time this was written. You can see the current list of VR scenes here. They offer a 1 Day trial for $1.00 (which, like the other subscriptions, gets you a Google cardboard), a monthly membership for $29.95, and a yearly membership for $71.40. However, When I went to the site, they offered a monthly deal of $24.95, which was also the monthly rebill price. It might be smarter to do the trial, cancel, then sign-up for whatever deal they might be offering.


They currently have over 120 VR videos on their site. They support gear, Oculus, PlayStation VR, Google Cardboard and HTC Vive. They do have a handful of female POV videos. They also specifically promote 60 frames per second, although others may support that frame rate but do not state that on their site. I have not done an evaluation of the difference between 60fps and the more common 30 fps in VR (although I will in future columns), but I have tested it extensively on porn in 4K on large screen televisions. The higher frame rate does make a big difference in the apparent realism of the scene. It just seems more lifelike. One of the limitations of some sites is that there is a repetitiveness of the scenes- similar situations in similar settings. Wankz does seem to add a touch more story and creativity. For example, they have Harley’s Funhouse with Aidra Fox, a take-off on Harley Quinn. They have fairly long format videos, with most running close to an hour and some even longer. They have the more common 180 degree view, and in February they introduced a new VR camera with much greater pixel density, which should make for more realistic scenes. They offer a 2 Day trial for $1.99 (which limits you to a single VR scene), a monthly membership for $19.95 (making this one of the least expensive of the quality sites), 3 months for $39.95, and a yearly membership for $79.95.


Virtual Taboo

There are a lot of smaller VR sites, usually catering to a specialty, such as CosPlay. Some are so new that they have very little content. It is hard to know how successful they will be, or how much longevity they will have. Virtual Taboo is one of the newer sites, having been around only about a year, and their only focus is on VR. Unlike the major players which can afford to churn out more content, VT only adds around 1 new video a week (or less- they do not seem to be that consistent). They currently have around 75 videos, running around 15 minutes to a half hour. Their claim to fame is focusing on high quality, 180 degree, 60 fps VR for Oculus, Gear and Google Cardboard. One thing I really like is the galleries and the free downloadable 2 to 3 minute preview for each video, which you can access without subscribing. This does give you a very good idea of what you are getting. The taboo aspect seems to be primarily the type of incest that is currently popular- step-daughters, sisters in law, that sort of thing. Nothing technically illegal, of course. The costs are $7.95 for a single video, monthly access for $19.95, three month access for $49.99, and twelve months for $99.99. While they do not have the few day teaser subscriptions, those tend to allow viewing of only one VR video. I think the free downloadable previews do an even better job of seeing what their content is like.


HoloGirls VR

They currently have around 150 videos online, generally a half hour in length or less. Many are in 60 fps, and there are videos in 180 degrees, and even some in 360 at 60 fps, but the most current seem to be in 220 degrees at 60 fps, which is quite good. They support Oculus, Vive, Gear, and Google Cardboard. Monthly memberships are $24.95 a month, with a yearly membership of $71.40 Like Virtual Taboo, they don’t have the sample subscription, but you can download a short sampler of each one without subscribing. There is a small gallery for each video. Also like Taboo, their focus is exclusively on VR. This is a download and not a streaming site.


We were going to provide an update on this month’s Creators update to Windows with the inclusion of new VR features. Unfortunately, there really is nothing specific to report. It was promoted as bringing VR to the masses. Not so much. At least not yet. The features Microsoft has been talking about, and the promised new compatible low cost headsets from HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and ASUS, are still nowhere to be seen. When they get here, we’ll provide a full report and what it means for sex in VR.