Our Unusual Sex Practices Quiz

(above)The ball is not for any form of unusual sex- it is actually a bowling ball at a bowling alley that was taken over by adult stars for the evening. Naked erotic bowling might be considered an unusual sex practice, though, one of the few not covered in Brenda Love’s book.

Try our quiz on unusual sex practices. It is based on Brenda Love’s book,  The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices, which we review today.


Question #1: Hetaerae were prostitutes who were:

Question #2: Someone who is a jactitator becomes aroused by :

Question #3: According to the hanky code, a homosexual wearing a lavender handkerchief in his left pocket is advertising that:

Question #4: Autagonistophilia refers to those who are sexually aroused when:

Question #5: Priapism refers to:

Question #6: Furtling is:

Question #7: Lap dances, now popular in strip clubs, originated:

Question #8: Infibulation is a sexual practice that involves:

Question #9: In Tantric Sex, the male:

Question #10: The Japanese have a type of restaurant called No Pan Kissa where: