Our Sexy Origins Quiz

(above) An early electric vibrator from 1913- one of the first sold to the general public. Similar vibrators were sold earlier only to doctors for treating hysterical paroxysm. This vibrator is from the CenterSEE collection, and you can learn more about it by visiting our online Museum of Sexual History.

Try our quiz on the sexy origins of things and words. It is based on Charles Panati’s Sexy Origins and Intimate Things, which we review today.

Question #1: The word fornicate comes from:

Question #2: The word negligee comes from Latin, meaning literally :

Question #3: “The love that dare not speak its name” was a nineteenth century term for:

Question #4: The word Hooker comes from:

Question #5: The design of the Barbie doll was copied from:

Question #6: The earliest use of a brassiere was by:

Question #7: The term Lesbian derives from Lesbos, island home of the poet Sappho, and first appeared in:

Question #8: Which one of the word derivations below is false?

Question #9: Ancient cultures all had dildos, but the word comes from:

Question #10: Early electric vibrators were used by doctors on women to induce “hysterical paroxysm” otherwise known as: