Our Lifestyle Quiz

(above) Swingers enjoying the pool at the Lifestyles Convention where author Terry Gould did some of his research.

See how much you know about the Lifestyle with this quiz. It is based on the book “The Lifestyle” by Terry Gould, which we review today.

Question #1: What is a “ticket”?

Question #2: In general, swinging is primarily for:

Question #3: A “soft swinger” is someone who:

Question #4: An on-premise swing club is:

Question #5: All swing clubs have one primary rule:

Question #6: A swing club that is a member of the North American Swing Club Association is not allowed to:

Question #7: Scientific research has shown that:

Question #8: Key parties are swinging events:

Question #9: Open swinging is:

Question #10: Choose the one of the following that is not true: